If you suffer from panic attacks you know how important conquering panic instantly can be. A panic attack can be inconvenient and even embarrassing. The good news is that when you learn tips for conquering panic instantly, you can actually take control of the situation and put a stop to your panic attack before it begins to control you.

If you understand the trigger that is causing your panic attack you may be able to use that knowledge in order to stop the panic attack. If; however, you are unsure of the trigger that is causing the attack, then you will need to use a more generalized approach to stopping the attack.

The first step to stopping a panic attack is to try and help yourself to relax. As you know, when a panic attack first begins everything seems to escalate; your thoughts as well as your breathing. Therefore, relaxation exercises can be critical to stopping a panic attack in its tracks. Generally, it is a good idea to practice relaxation techniques when you are not experiencing a panic attack so that the next time you feel an attack coming on, you will be able to use those attacks without giving them much thought.

Breathing exercises can be a good way to control your breathing as well as relax. These exercises are easy to learn and can be practiced anywhere, so they are excellent at combating panic attacks no matter where they occur.

Another common problem with a panic attack is negative, racing thoughts. Panic can feed upon this so it is important to put a stop to your negative, racing thoughts as quickly as possible. One way to do this is to distract yourself by focusing on something else. Repetitive tasks are an excellent way to do this. Household tasks such as scrubbing floors or even weeding your flowers can help you to get your mind off of your panic. If you are not at home, it is a good idea to keep a rubber band with you. Snapping a rubber band on your wrist is an excellent distraction. Other portable distractions include naming the states, reciting your ABCs backwards or naming all of the state capitols.

You may also distract yourself from the panic by calling a friend, reading soothing poetry or listening to calming music. Any task that is relaxing and will distract you from your panic can be helpful.

You may also focus your thoughts from something negative to something positive by reciting positive affirmations to yourself. Tell yourself that you are going to stop your panic attack. Remind yourself that it is just a panic attack and that nothing serious is going to happen.

If it helps, you might even consider writing down some positive affirmations on index cards and keeping them in your purse, wallet or briefcase so that when you are out and feel as though you are about to experience a panic attack you can read over the affirmations. This trick can be particularly helpful when you first begin working on conquering panic instantly.

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