There may be a time where you'll come across a woman who only wants a sexual relationship. Before you rush into one with her, there are a few things you need to consider.

Here are the two things you absolutely need to know before being intimate:

1. Feelings may start to develop. This can be very disastrous to the relationship. Since the relationship is built solely on intimacy, this alone can ruin your chances for another intimate encounter. If she's intimate with you, she may have feelings for you least sexually. If you are intimate with a woman who just want something sexual, then DO NOT EXPECT ANYTHING MORE THAN THAT. If you try to express how you feel about her, or worse, push a relationship on her, she may decline.. It may also ruin your chances for any future intimate encounters.

2. She's probably in a relationship. There's probably a lack of intimacy that she's experiencing in her relationship, so she looks elsewhere. Though she's cheating, it may make sense to her to try to figure out a solution...especially if she has already expressed to her significant other the problem. What you need to do is decide if you really want to be with someone who's already involved. Take into consideration that there are many possible outcomes in this her man may become more intimate with her so therefore she may cut you off.

If you feel like you can still handle a sexual relationship, then by all means, have one. But always remember what it is...just something sexual and nothing more. Take that into serious consideration.

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