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HEAVENLETTER #1553 Saints and Angels

God said:
Angels and saints walk on Earth. They are not famous, or they may be famous but their angelness and saintliness is mostly unknown. They are not recognized for who they are. They simply keep going about their work for Me. They are so in love with My Being that they can only do My Will. To them, sweeping the street or being a movie star is the same. They know full well that I am their Audience, and their attention is on Me the same way that the Earth revolves around the Sun, effortlessly, ceaselessly, and endearingly. Their hearts are at My beck and call, and this is their happiness.

They do not ask for recognition or extra merit of any kind. I hold meaning for them, not plaudits of the world. There is nothing they can do about it. One minute, they were just like anyone else. Then, at some point in their lives, perhaps all of a sudden, their hearts jumped a beat. Their consciousness leaped a notch. It strikes them that this is just something that happened to them. They didn't do it. They were in one room, and then they found themselves in another room. As simple and as easy as that, they woke up.

They are like Cinderella, for they stepped out of the ashes, and the Prince from the Palace appeared before them, sought them out actually, and their lives took on a whole new light. Just like that. The love was mutual as Our love inevitably is.

They did not know they were saints or that they contained the possibility they could ever be. They were just like you and didn't know Who they were. You may not know. No one else may know. No one else needs to know. But I know.

So long as the physical is supreme, no one will know.

And you, right now, do not know your potential for stepping out of the boundaries of personal life and entering the dimension of radical Wholeness. I say radical, although it is not at all radical. It's just that it may seem so to you because it is such a turn in your life, and the radius of your perception takes a U-turn before your very eyes. You thought you were going one way, and now you find you are going another, even though it was always where you were going anyway.

You do not know what you were appointed when you came to Earth. You do not know what you contracted to do with a grace that equals Mine.

You did not drag your feet. You raced with alacrity to the exact place where you are now.

Listen, in whatever physical room you sit in, you exceed it. Whatever your physicality, you exceed it. Whatever your habits, you exceed them. Whatever your stresses, you exceed them. They may be appended to you, but they are not you, and they really have nothing to do with the wealth of consciousness that you are.

Beloveds, sometimes it is as if you keep your face immersed in water, and you think that's all there is. But all you have to do is to lift your face out of the water, and a new world appears before you. Your Prince has come.

Your life, perhaps outwardly the same, is not the same. Your consciousness has revolved. You thought you were in the blue room, and now you find you are in the Golden Room. You were always lighted, and yet you were in the dark. The cast of your life now is gold. The sunshine of your life is upon you. It is now.

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Gloria Wendroff grew up without religion or thoughts about God. No one, least of all Gloria, would have guessed that one day she would become a Godwriter™ and, through God’s words, bring thousands of people closer to God and their own hearts.

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