It is never easy to face the idea or fact that we as individuals need healings or help in bringing about a healing in ones life time. As we face situations in our life time that we did not resolve, we realize that in order to resolve them we must first deal with the situation, admit that we need a healing or that we choose to help another loved one with a healing. Remember that without healing we cause blockages. Blockages cause problems in our body, with our gifts, in grounding, centering, personal lives as well as professional lives and opportunities for successes.

If in our own case when a situation has brought tremendous hurt to us personally, we stood by when someone else was deeply hurt and did nothing or we were the cause of the hurt makes it even harder to bring about a healing in our life or those whom we love.

If it is a healing you personally need the first steps are to forgive yourself or those that have hurt you in some manner. The second step is to face the situation, looking at it as an observer. When you face the situation as an observer, you relive the experience without the pain and hurt that had been involved. You are better able to look at the situation and release it. Do not look upon this situation with regret, but as an experience in spiritual growth and strength. Second make sure you get out into nature and the sun light as much as you can. The Universe itself has a way of helping each one of us with healing through various means but we too must make the effort. Sun light and nature have a way with bring about a healing that most individuals do not fully understand. The healing that is brought about is God's and the Universal way of helping each one of us to cope with our lives on earth. We can either accept their help or heal through the many powers of consciousness that is sent to us or we can choose to sit in darkness that is all consuming. When we ask for God's & Universal help to heal we are granted far more then we ask for. We are sent guides, angels and spiritual paths to assist us and help us obtain that goal we seek and to bring about the healing releasing us from the pain and hurt of the past.

When we try to assist a loved one in a healing it can take on many forms. Not all individuals will be ready for the healing, so you must wait to be told when to step in and assist through spiritual guidance. A loved one may have lost a love one, they may have been seriously hurt in an accident which changed their whole life, or their may have been some other situation or tragedy that affected their life and their out look.

Guilt will always play a high role simply because we felt we should have done this or that or even protected them in some manner. We must get rid of the guilt which is in the way and causing blockage. We can not always protect individuals from either themselves or others. Circumstances and free will also plays a part in it

When individuals or people love each other they will do everything they can to resolve a situation that affects someone they love and that in turn affects the life they could have with this person. It is never too late to try and brake down the barriers or walls, it is only too late when you choose to ignore the situation, not get involved or feel it is hopeless. It is never hopeless if you truly ask for assistance from the higher sources whatever belief you are, to assist you in helping either by prayer, or actual action to bring a healing to a love one.

You will find that God and the Universe works in mysterious ways. Just when you think that a situation, crime committed, physical injuries that were done to someone would never be healed, they will step in and bring about a healing either themselves or through the individual they work through. This is God's and Universal way of not only resolving a situation and bringing about atonement but of bringing a healing to all concerned that would normally not have occurred. It can happen through God & the universe itself or with God & the universe working through one of us. When it happens the end result is one of deep peace for all involved.

These are only just a few of the many healings that occur or that we can assist in and it is up to each one of us to live our life to the fullest, live with a conscious and with deep compassion for ourselves and others around us
If you can help on a healing either for yourself or someone else, don't throw this chance away. It may never happen again. When we accept opportunities in whatever shape or form to help, we will be well rewarded by all.

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Rose as a world renowned psychic, is outstanding in the use of her gifts and abilities. This is Rose's specialized field, with many other areas of expertise who wishes to use her gifts to make a difference. Rose is Founder of Angelic Inspirations, and owner. With Rose being in high demand her sessions are by appointment only. She also has does a radio program, and has her own radio website called Angelic Inspirations Radio. Rose also does charity fundraisers, radio, video and TV programs, special events, special appearances, tours, cruises, workshops/seminars, speaking engagements and teaching classes to children as well as adults. Rose usually teaches voluntarily through the Universities and Colleges as invited yearly to assist in a better understanding of psychic gifts and development