How to Double Your Energy Levels In Three Days

Are you often tired, lethargic and feeling older than you should? Do you want to get more done and have the non-stop energy of a 7-year-old child? With this report, you'll learn two easy ways to double your energy levels within the next three days.

Whenever I'm shopping or out walking in NYC, I notice, I'm always the fastest person by far. Everyone does things so slowly.

I literally move twice the speed of the average person and I don't use any stimulants. I'm not trying to impress anyone, I just have so much energy, that my body wants me to use it.

What Bodily Process Wastes The Most Energy?

Digestion uses up the most energy out of all your bodily functions. You're brain is the next biggest user of energy. What you eat can make a tremendous difference in your energy.

Certain foods are difficult to digest, the more processed, cooked, and complex the food, the more energy it takes to digest. What happens after eating a big holiday meal?

You get so tired that you start falling asleep in the middle of the afternoon. That's because you ate so much food and so many different combinations of foods that all of your remaining energy is used up for digestion and you don't have enough energy left to stay awake.

Raw Fruit Is The Ideal Energy Food

Fruit is predigested fuel or simple carbohydrates. Your body requires the least energy to digest them compared to any other food. The former director of nutrition for the US Olympic Team said "Fruits are miracle foods for athletes."

Fruit provides your body with its ideal and preferred source of fuel, which is sugar. Every cell in the body is fueled by sugar. After sugar the body prefers fat and the least efficient fuel source is protein.

The simple sugar from fruit is completely healthy. Most people don’t know that your body cannot use complex carbohydrates or starches. Those starches first have to be broken down into sugar. This breaking down process depletes energy from the body.

Fruit is the most nutritious food on the planet. A diet rich in fruits and leafy green vegetables supplies you with virtually all of your nutrient needs, even protein and the essential fatty acids. We all know that fruits and vegetables are the healthiest foods on the planet. Why not eat more of them?

Action Plan

Make fruit your morning and lunch meals and watch your energy levels soar through the roof. Eat as much fruit as you need to feel full. You'll have to eat much more than an average person eats. By lunch I've already eaten 8 to 10 bananas.

What Is The Second Energy Boosting Technique?

In high school, I started using an exercise that made my energy levels scream. Combine this exercise with eating more fruit and your energy levels will soar through the roof.

You’ll swear that you were taking uppers. Your body will beg you to exercise it more. The great thing is that you don’t have to drink coffee or take any stimulants to get this boost.

The other day I had so much extra energy; I decided to run sprints in my house. This was after I already did a great workout earlier in the day. I ran back and forth, from room to room. It was great fun, constantly changing direction, accelerating and stopping on a dime. I had more energy than a five year old.

This exercise is a specific way of doing aerobics. I’ve found that jogging for instance, which is an aerobic exercise, won’t give you this energy increase.

The key is to do exercises that keep you in the aerobic heart range, that build muscle and use all of your limbs in one exercise session. The exercise system I used in high school was Heavy Hands.

These days I use another exercise routine that gives me better overall results and I don’t need any equipment.

Owners of my Lightning Speed Fitness Program have already seen this in our member's only forum.

Here is the exercise routine post from the forum.

Lightning Aerobics

Another great way to do cardio is to do a whole calisthenics routine in a special way. I call it Lightning Aerobics. You can use any bodyweight exercises to get a similar effect.

Start by doing a strenuous exercise like the Lighting Speed Exercise (LSE) or pushups. As soon as you get winded, take a short break until your heart rate is back in the lower to middle aerobic heart range (50 to 85% of your maximum heart rate) and then switch to another exercise. You have to watch that your heart rate doesn’t get too low or too high.

You must stay within the aerobic heart range throughout most of the routine. It’s ok to go above it for short periods. If you’re into the anaerobic heart range for too long though, you are going to be very sore the next day.

Today's routine. 20 minutes

Three Sets of:
1. Pushups: 20
2. Lighting Exercise (LSE): 50
3. Jumping Jacks: 50
4. Jumping Lunges: 10
5. Superman Pushups: 10

Plus an extra set of pushups at the end and 10 mountain climbers.

I had so much energy today. My body was simply dieing to exercise.

Later on, I did a set of 20 Burpees. Man was I winded after that. Then I did several sprinting sessions in my house. I did a couple of handstand pushups, Hindu pushups, Superman pushups and two more sets of 50 LSE's.

Doing Lightning Aerobics is important because it dramatically increases your energy levels by oxygenating every part of your body. Once you start using these techniques you're body will beg you to exercise it on a regular basis. You'll finally have enough energy to play and run for hours with your children or those of your friends.

Regain your youth and energy with these strategies.

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