Yesterday was a bad day. It’s OK to have bad days, because night comes and you sleep, and hope that the following new day is better. So, I was sad for a bit, and angry at myself, and cried a lot. I gave myself permission to be upset for a while, and that was ok.

But then I heard from a wonderful lady (Anne) that her granddaughter had tragically died the day before. What do you say to someone who this happens to? I was so stunned. I offered myself, my time, if she wants it. If she needs someone to sit with or talk to, I would be happy to be there for her.

Fast forward several hours. It was now ten pm and I was getting ready to put the day behind me, when my phone rang. It was an old friend who I hadn’t seen for a while, and I could just tell that something was wrong. (When I asked what he was doing, he replied “just driving around”). So, I asked him to drive to my place and have a drink with me. Men don’t often open up about their feelings like women tend to do. It was an hour later, in the darkness of my outside entertainment area that he opened up about his failing relationship and his sadness with life. We then talked for hours, he mostly talking, me mostly listening. It struck me that I was giving him what I had offered Anne, someone to sit with and listen to them. Sometimes that is all they need, sometimes that is all we need ourselves. And it didn’t matter that I hadn’t seen my friend in ages, all that mattered was that I was there when they needed me to be. REACHING out is the hard part.

Today, I woke feeling better than yesterday. Unfortunately for Anne and Wayne, today will be a bad day, as may be the days and weeks ahead. Just remember I am here with coffee, hugs and a heart that cares about you. It may not seem much, but reach out!

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