Whether we endured a difficult childhood or experienced rejection from a hurtful lover, we all have emotional wounds in need of healing. As part of the preparation for magnetizing your soul mate you must now decide to actively begin healing the deepest wounds of your heart. Please note that I said to “begin” the healing process. For many of us this may be a lifelong process and it doesn’t mean you have to be fully healed to manifest your soul mate. In fact, one of the things a soul mate does is HELP you to heal
your deepest wounds. BUT . . . I believe you really do need to clear out the stuff that is KEEPING you from having your soul mate in your life. If the walls around your heart are ten feet thick and you are unaware that you are blocking love from entering you will be sending the Universe mixed messages. One part of you will be a giant YES to having a relationship while your wounded heart is unconsciously saying “No, I am afraid of being hurt again.”

Your job now is to uncover the wounds and begin the healing process so that you can send a clear signal that you are now ready for love.

Forgiveness is often a two-part process: first, it involves forgiving those that hurt you and second, it means forgiving yourself for all of the times you didn’t listen to your intuition, or made unfortunate choices, or any of the hundreds of other things we blame ourselves for.

In order to manifest your soul mate you really do need to clear the emotional and psychic clutter of your past. By not doing so you take the risk of attracting the same type of person you have failed with in the past. One definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different outcome. If you have emotional baggage around relationships, commit right now to working through it and begin laying the ground for a healthy, happy, and fulfilling life with your soul mate.

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Arielle Ford is a professional, previously unmarried woman who is revealing her secret to finding romance, love, marriage, and a perfect soul mate. She discovered how to take her professional success and apply it to her personal life, and she has never been happier. Now she wants to share that secret with you. Learn how to find your soul mate at www.SoulMateKit.com .