Natural Healing
By Helen Hilliard
“Each day that I heal I am pleasantly surprised at the outcome. Some of the experiences have amazed me as well as the recipients.”

Healing can help with so many problems in life, both physical and emotional. A lot of therapies deal with the emotional side of things that in turn help your physical being. The natural healing I give can do the same, but can also help with solid physical problems that have little or nothing to do with your emotions. People can find this hard to understand, especially as I do not manipulate at all.

I often have women, and the occasional man, come to see me with ongoing back, neck or head problems. The explanation is always the same... “I have tried all manor of treatments to relieve it, they work for a while then it comes back”. These symptoms are often, (not always) due to a build up of emotional stress through their lives that has not been dealt with or expressed. I believe that the stress is not the cause of the physical problem but is strongly contributing to the problem not being allowed to heal. We have a chat and I explain that in order to relive them of this pain they may have to go through an emotional time, releasing years of pent up stress before the pain will go away. The patient usually agrees to giving it a go and after three or four sessions of healing, a few emotional outbursts with their loved ones and many tears later, they emerge a new person. Free from tension and stress and able to speak their mind when they feel aggrieved. I normally find that once we have dealt with the emotional side of things, the physical problems have already gone away.

One young woman came to see me having broken her arm 6 years prior to seeing me. The arm had been set badly and she had not been able to straighten it since. She also had some pain from it at times. I placed my hand gently on Jane’s shoulder, and wrapped the other gently around her elbow. As I allowed the energy to flow through her arm she could feel a warm glow even though there was no movement at all from either of us. Jane’s arm gave out a clunk, which could be felt and heard. Her eye’s widened as she said, “What was that?” I had to admit... I did not know. I stayed holding Jane’s arm for a minute longer until the energy had stopped flowing. Jane could not believe it as she slowly straightened her arm to its full stretch, with no pain.

Some of the most common ailments I give healing for in both animals and people are: stomach problems, allergies, panic attacks, cancers, tennis elbow, back pain, knee troubles, lameness, arthritis, stress, sports injuries and trapped nerves.

How it works
No one can really know exactly how Natural Healing works, but we all have our own theories. My theory is that I am like a length of copper wire that allows energy to flow through me, into the patient. This energy helps the body to heal; some people believe it is topping-up our ‘Chi’.

I have been thrust into the world of healing in a big way and am thoroughly enjoying it. It is a wonderful experience to see both animals and people benefit from the healing.

The session
The patient sits on a chair, fully clothed and simply relaxes. I ask them to take themselves off on holiday in their minds. I start by gently resting my hands on the patient’s shoulders, allowing the energy to start flowing through. I then run my hands down their back and around their head, in the order I feel at the time. I can feel where healing is needed most in the body and will stay there until I feel I can move on. Most ailments are treated through the back, even if it is the stomach, as the energy flows to where it is needed, however I will concentrate on selected areas such as knees or arms.

It must be the patient’s decision to come back or not, after they have felt the effects of the first healing session.

The healing takes about 15-20 minutes and is very relaxing. Patients have reported different feelings as the healing takes place, from heat, cold, tingling, light-headed or extremely relaxed to absolutely nothing! The people that feel nothing do usually report back in a day or two to say that the ailment they came with is much better. It is not essential that you feel anything during the healing, the important thing is that your ailment is considerably relieved or gone within a day or two. Patients often walk away from a healing session on a natural high, with one man commenting, ‘Who needs drugs?!’

Code of Conduct.
I abide by the code of conduct of the National Federation of Spiritual Healers (NFSH) which is basically, common courtesy and ethics.

How often is healing needed?
The frequency of healing sessions depends a lot on the problem. Some people come to me with recent injuries such as bad backs that can be better within two sessions, while other people have had a bad back for many years, in which case it could take me longer to get it under control. One thing I will insist on is that it must be the patient’s decision to come back or not, after they have felt the effects of the first healing session.

As a general rule of thumb, I have found that the healing has a cumulative effect in the first three sessions and that if there is more than two weeks between each session, the effect is not as good. After the third session, both the patient and I will assess whether more are needed or not, these can then be stretched out to as much as four weeks apart.
If the problem is a very long standing one or something we may only get control of rather than cure, the patient can feel a benefit of a ‘top-up’ once a month.
Side effects are very few, light headed and on a ‘high’ are the most common ones. Some people can feel as if they have been massaged and may get that slight ache afterwards, this does not last long and they often feel so much better once it dissipates. Long term effects can be that the patient is more tolerant, far less stressed and able to cope with situations as they arise. Healing is a totally none invasive therapy that can often solve persistent troubles that have eluded other treatments. Each day that I heal I am pleasantly surprised at the outcome. Some of the experiences have amazed me as well as the recipients.

In some ways, giving healing to animals is easier than giving healing to people, in other ways it is far more difficult:
Most animals are very open to the healing once I have managed to get through to them and react visibly by flopping onto the floor and falling asleep, (something I have not experienced with people as yet.) The biggest drawback with animals is gaining their trust in the first place so that I can keep my hand on them as they remain still. I do not like to restrain an animal to start with as it puts them on edge and I need them as relaxed as possible. There are times when I do have to resort to this.
Once I have tapped into them, I get a wonderful look from them, I’m sure it is saying “Is that you doing that?”
On subsequent visits to me most animals realise where they are and what I am about to do to them and they simply assume the relaxed posture before I start.

As with people, I can be told what has been diagnosed with the animal, thus giving me an idea of where the healing is needed most and, as with people, I can find the healing is needed most in a completely different area to where you would think. When an animal comes to me with a mystery problem that the Vet has not managed to diagnose, unlike a Person, the animal is not able to tell me it’s symptoms. This is where the healing instinct comes into it’s own, I will run my hands around the animal’s body, pinpointing the area giving the trouble.
Although I can often isolate the troubled area, I am not a vet and cannot know what the problem is. As I work alongside a homeopathic Vet, Richard Allport, we can work together on these mystery ailments. We know the visible symptoms and I can locate a specific area, often with pinpoint accuracy, along with the feeling of, muscle, bone, foreign object, sharp or dull pain and of course knowing how the animal is feeling too. Armed with this information, Richard is able to make a pretty good diagnosis and treat the animal accordingly, along with the healing.

Giving healing to animals is a great feeling, I can become aware of their emotions and be able to put their minds at rest or solve problems for them.

Helen practises healing for both people and animals. She has clinics in Potters Bar, Cambridge, and Royston. Home visits are available in special cases. Clinic fees are £25.00 per session.

For an appointment at Potters Bar, please call 01707 662058
If you wish to talk to Helen, call 01438 222 992
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How it all began
As a teenager I found myself in the weird world of being a medium and in the mid 80’s I met Charles Siddle - a neighbour of mine. It was not long before I found out that Charles was a healer, mainly of animals. From then on we became involved in each other’s worlds and helped each other out - I was practising Spiritual medium ship and was very comfortable with it. During the next 14 years Charles' fame became international, appearing on television and featuring in many articles. His work as a healer was very hectic and, as I ran my own graphic design company nearby, I offered to handle the business side of things for him. Involving myself with Charles' clients both over the phone and by accompanying Charles on visits, I found myself being drawn into healing. On many occasions Charles would say to me "You could do this you know." My reply was always that I would stick with the Medium side of things.

Sadly, Charles passed away on 26th December 2000 at the age of 76. Charles promised many times when he was on this plane, "I'll come back and haunt you when I'm gone" and he certainly has. I have been thrust into the world of healing in a big way and am thoroughly enjoying it. It is a wonderful experience to see both animals and people benefit from the healing.