It was a lazy, rainy October Saturday morning in Texas. I had slept in ‘til 8:45. Sleeping in is a rare thing for me these days. Even on the days I can, I rarely choose to because I can hardly wait to get up and meet the day. Life is so full!

I slipped out of my pajamas and into my favorite sportswear ready for a nice, relaxing day at home. I walked out of my bedroom and headed downstairs with a bounce in my step to make myself some breakfast. When I made the right hand turn near the bottom of the stairs, I came to an abrupt halt! STOP! I thought to myself. Is that what I think it is? Oh, my! What should I do? Who can I call to help me with this? Should I call 911 or should I try to take care of this myself? Wouldn’t you know it, my roommate is gone for the weekend and I’m here by myself with only God as my witness. No one will believe me. Should I even tell her when she returns? She may freak out. I’ll decide that later. I have to get this thing out of here.

After deciding that I wasn’t going to attempt this one on my own, I went to the phone to call for help, but kept my eye firmly on THE THING because I didn’t want it to find a secret place to hide. I heard a ladies voice say “911 what’s the address of your emergency?” “Ma’am,” I said “This may not be considered an emergency, but it is to me.” “What’s your emergency?” “There is a snake in my house!”


She didn’t seem at all surprised. She told me she would dispatch an officer right over and she hung up. Didn’t she want to stay on the phone with me like they do on television? Nope. She hung up. I perched myself on the bottom of the stairs as I watch it crawl under my favorite red chair, the one I sit in when I am relaxing! In a minute or so I got down on the floor, laid my cheek against the cool tile floor, to take a peek under the chair; just wanted to ensure that it hadn’t crawled up inside my chair. Oh my God! I can’t see it! Has it gotten away already?!!!!

First I moved the ottoman that sits in front of the chair. Next I flipped my oversize red chair onto it’s side. As I flipped my furniture over I thought that if that snake has disappeared that the police will never believe me. What’s worse, I may not even believe myself.

Just as I got the chair flipped over I saw it. Oh good, it’s still here! I’m not making this whole thing up. Where are the police, I wondered.

Again I took a seat a safe distance away to ensure that I knew it’s exact location at all times, as I waited for help to arrive.

As I sat there in stillness, the Whisper told me to step back and watch the circus going on in my mind. In that moment I realized that I wasn’t really afraid. There was nothing to be afraid of. Even if the snake was poisonous I was still okay. I was a safe distance from it and could run from if I needed to. The snake was perfectly still, just as I had become, once I backed up from my mind. I was held hostage, not by gunpoint, but by my own mind! I had been held hostage and robbed of the beautiful NOW.

The only thing I had to be afraid of was my own mind and the stories I was making up. And, was I ever making up stories! They went something like this: What if there are more snakes in my house, lots more of them? How did it get in here? Can more get in? What if there are more in my chair? What if I hadn’t have seen it crawl under my chair and one day it just bit me, and I had no idea what it was and I died? What if I hadn’t have seen it and it grew into a full grown snake living in my chair? Maybe I need to sell my house and move since my house borders a creek? This may get worse. I should have dispersed that product around the border of my property that I bought three months ago called ‘Snake Away’ instead of leaving it unopened in my garage.

Can you imagine the anxiety that thoughts like that can produce? I backed up from the thoughts and watched them. I wasn’t afraid of the snake. The snake was just laying there in my living room floor still as can BE. Inside myself under all of that chatter, my Soul was just as still, but my mind was as active as a nest of disturbed snakes.

I went inside and asked the Whisper, “What do you want me to know? What is this teaching me?” The Whisper immediately responded, “THERE IS LIFE EVERYWHERE! Real life cannot be contained or controlled.” Simultaneously I saw a mental image of a small cloud of life force energy about 6” in diameter. I reached my hands to the cloud to try to squeeze it. It couldn’t be squeezed. It simply changed shape and the cloud of life force energy oozed through my fingers as I attempted to grasp it. Life cannot be destroyed, ever!

The doorbell rang and I quickly headed for the door. I expected a police officer, but NO there were TWO! I thanked them for coming. They asked where my friend was located and I escorted them to the living room. The younger one stayed back while the older gentleman walked over to it; he had on steel toed boots. He moved it with his foot. I surmised that he was seeing if it was dead or alive. It was definitely alive because it started to slowly slither. He stepped on it again firmly enough to secure it from going anywhere and asked for a bucket and a spatula. A bucket, I thought to myself. Didn’t you all bring things to handle this? What if there are snakes in the garage where my bucket is? I don’t want to let you use my spatula that I cook with. I kept those thoughts to myself and went to the garage for the mop bucket and then back to the kitchen for a spatula, one that I never use.

They quickly got him into the bucket and headed towards the front door. When outside the younger man said he wanted to see what kind of snake it was. I took a peak as the older man admitted that he didn’t know, but he didn’t think it was poisonous. My ego was a bit disappointed, all of that drama for nothing. You mean it was harmless, I thought to myself! Totally ruined a good story
!!! J

About that time, the older gentleman looked directly into my eyes with deep penetrating contact. I felt a presence emanating from him, as if some higher being was speaking through him. “We shouldn’t kill him” he said, “We should just return him to nature” and then he waited…..staring deeply……silently into my eyes as if to see how I would react to his suggestion. I sense that he expected me to freak out! My deeper truth rose to the surface. “I agree” I said “I don’t want him to die.”

He turned and walked toward the edge of my yard that borders the creek. ‘Is he just going to leave it right there?’ I thought to myself. As I was asking myself that question, the younger officer told him not to leave it there, but to take it across the street to the other side of the bridge.” The older man complied. He returned my bucket and they drove away.

I walked back into the house to start my breakfast. I have a clock on my stove. When I stepped up to cook my eggs I noticed that this entire scenario had taken place in 30 minutes. It was now 9:15 a.m. All of this had occurred in just the first 30 minutes of my day, and then it was over as if it had never happened.

The morning drama followed after awakening from a very kinesthetic dream I had had the following night. In the dream, I was driving my car down a street and accidentally ran over a garbage bag that had been left in the middle of the road. As my car passed over the bag I could feel the impact when the object in the bag and the car made contact. I heard the sound of crunching bones and the slosh of physical matter splattering upon impact. (If you’ve ever had the experience of running over an animal you’ll know the sound and the sensation I am talking about.) I didn’t see what was in the bag, but I knew that it was a human that I had just ran over.

Years ago I taught myself how to communicate with my dreams and find out their significance so I asked, ‘What are you (the dream) telling me?” My Whisper responded, ‘Physical is temporary. Real life is endless.’ It went on. ‘Fear is directly related to matter. Real life is the eternal presence within.’

Fear is of the body. Love and life is of the spirit. Fear can only arise when you are claiming the physical as real. Nothing REAL can be destroyed. Spirit can neither be created, nor destroyed. A relationship with the eternal dissolves all fear. All that can exist is peace. Peace is the only thing that is real. Fear is a construct of the mind.

Do you have a snake in the house of your mind? Is there something scaring you? Want to dispel the fear? Simply step back and watch the thoughts that are going through your mind—the thoughts that are creating the fear. You will notice that any thought that creates fear is a thought about the future. Have you noticed how the ego will always go for the worst possible outcome? When this happens, your mind has taken you hostage and has stolen the beautiful, ever-present NOW from you—the only place where you will ever know peace, security, serenity and love. May you unplug from fear by stepping back and watching the circus in your mind.

Would you like to know how to elicit the meaning of your dreams? I’m considering developing a course or product for that very purpose. Courses and products are developed based upon the needs and wants of the people. So, if this would be something that would be of value and interest to you, drop me a line and let me know. LaRue@YourEssentialWhisper.comThis e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

I hope you have enjoyed the blog and that you can use my story to help you step back from the circus in your mind and into the peace that already lives within you!

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LaRue Eppler is the founder of Direct Access International LLC, and co-founder of Intrinsic International, LLC - both companies dedicated to helping people live thriving lives of inspration and authentic success.

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