Are your kids doing poorly with their academic studies? Do you remember much about your classroom experiences? It is tough to be a student and teacher. As a parent, you know all students need adequate parental support but teachers also need support from the parents; furthermore, you can help your kids more by doing what you can to help their teachers. You will learn ways to help your kids excel at school while supporting the teachers.

Let your kid’s teachers know how you feel about them. Praise them and let them realize that you know they are doing the best they can to contribute to your kid’s growth and education. Invite them to parties.

Let others know your kid’s teachers are doing a good job. Tell the administrators. Write letters to the editor. If you have the opportunity, submit a form to help them win a Teacher of the Year nomination and cash bonus.

Directly find out what your kid’s classroom environment is like and show the teachers you care about them and your kid. Attend the “Open House” events.

Become a member of good educational organizations. Join the Parents and Teachers Association. Attend the PTA meetings.

Keep tabs on your kids’ progress and help them learn. Help them comprehend their homework regularly. Do textbook exercises with them and give them questions you can think of. Have your kids organize and keep all their assignments and graded test papers inside a chart book. Review with your kids all the questions they miss on tests and help them find the answers or solutions. If this does not help, call the teacher to get the answers. It is important to do this because your kids might see some of these questions again on a final exam.

Teachers often buy textbooks and other things for students. If you can afford it, donate some money to the teachers and school to help cover the tab. Before the school year starts, make sure your kids get all the supplies they need.

Help your teachers spend less time focusing on discipline. Teach your kids to respect the teachers and behave at school.

Volunteer your time. Spend a day in your kid’s classroom. Help handle the school parties.

Help your kids go the extra mile to get better grades and put themselves into a position to go far in life through what they do at school. If you cannot help your kids master a particular class and the teacher provides after-school tutoring, make your kids attend the sessions. Feed them nutritious meals. Encourage them to regularly engage in aerobic exercise so they will boost their circulation and think better. Encourage them to take up extracurricular activities at school.

You have the power to help your kid succeed at school and support the teachers. Do what you have learned to make it happen!

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