Self improvement is becoming an ever increasing requirement in the current society. In order to stay in the running for better career opportunities/social level/impression/self esteem etc., people extend themselves to ever higher levels.
The realisation that one can change gives hope and encouragement to millions of people in their aspiration to reach their goals. The techniques incorporated in achieving these results are numerous but mostly revolving around convincing oneself of facts that at present are not true but if believed will realise. It is therefore the task of self improvement to firstly convince oneself to believe that the goal has been reached before it actually has, and in doing so realise the dream.

The tools to accomplish the task of believing before seeing vary from hypnosis to meditation and creative visualisation, affirmation and certainly a couple of others.
With technology in our every day life revolving around computers, the hardware has become yet another means of attacking the self improvement arena. In the rush of every day life where time is critical and people are "too busy" to spend time on self improvement exercises, the passive method employed in subliminal marketing is becoming the more popular solution.
Combining the power of the most used piece of equipment, the personal computer, and the desire to save time, software is being created to assist with the task of "believing before seeing" in a passive fashion.

I have created a desktop application allowing the user to expose him or herself to the thoughts and images they would like to believe and realise, in a passive fashion. The application allows the user to select words, sentences and images that will help create the mental image of their goal. Because the media is passive, the exposure can be done during working hours thus allowing extended periods of time for working towards your goal. In creating the mental image the belief is established and as soon as the "new goal" is believed, the universal fact that what your beliefs sooner or later realise takes over and leads the individual to new and previously unachieved levels.

The software is completely configurable by the user. Content, display positions, display durations and frequency of repeating can be set for each media. The options currently available include flashing text (words or sentences) and/or images and/or sentences that is translated to speech and played back to the user. Because the content is selectable by the user, the application of the software can be altered and made specific for the user's goal and varied after achieving the goal. There are also numerous sites on the internet covering virtually all topics that can be used as reference for setting up the desired content.
The application is intended for the user who has a goal and would like to take charge in achieving this goal by using affirmation and subliminal "advertising". It is easy to use and configurable in every aspect. It runs in a minimised mode thus having minimum impact on the user working area on the computer. The user can have 100% confidence that all content has been seen selected by him, and there is no exposure to "advertising" without his knowledge. With the content being of a changeable nature, the goals that can be programmed for is limitless.
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