Nail biting is common among children as well as adults. It typically begins between the ages of seven and 10. But the number of nail biters increases as children reach adolescence, according to
On average, boys 10 years old and older tend to bite nails more frequently than their female counterparts.

The typical result of nail biting is short, ragged nails. However, it can also lead to damaged cuticles as well as bleeding around the edges of the nails. Infections can also develop if nails are not properly attended to, said
Although nail biting has not been extensively studied, it is attributed to stress.
Most people agree it is a learned habit, perhaps picked up by watching a parent or someone else biting their nails.

Nail biting is an extremely tough habit to break and treatment for it varies.
One possible solution is identifying the reason for nail biting.
Avoidance or modification of these situations can be beneficial to the eventual elimination of the habit.
Improving self-esteem is also helpful when attempting to break the habit.
Products such as CONTROL-IT are available on the market and are designed to aid nail biters in breaking their habit. According to www.stopbiting, CONTROL-IT is a gentle and natural alternative to help prevent biting. A mild unpleasant taste helps to remind users to stop biting their nails.

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Next Step Enterprises, Inc., is the developer and distributor of an all new, natural, anti nail biting formula, named: Control-It!. This product is used by those people afflicted with the nail biting habit, to help them control their urge to bite their nails. Control-It! works naturally, and effectively, in a soothing, healing manner. This revolutionary approach has been widely accepted as opposed to the painful manner of the other, older products. Control-It! contains Aloe Vera, as well as other healing ingredients, specifically formulated for the inflamed areas of the cuticles, as so often is the case with the advanced effects of nail biting.

Owner: Christopher Joel Henry; born: December 18, 1958;
birthplace: California
Married: Mrs. Trudy Henry

Mr. Henry has been an entrepreneur the majority of his adult life, generally in engineering pursuits. Most recently he has been a business applications software consultant to Fortune 500 companies, in the greater Boston area. He is an honored member of the International Who’s Who of Science and Engineering, as well as a member of the New England Systems Group.

Mr. Henry originally developed the formula for Control-It! in the fall of 1999, and began marketing it very soon thereafter, via the internet. He developed the product when working a summer job in a natural health foods factory, where he handled all types of ingredients during the mornings, then, while delivering products in the afternoons, found that he was not biting his nails due to the bad taste. Within a week his nails and cuticles had “healed, he has been a reformed nail biter since. By the beginning of the year 2000, he established a web site: and has expanded the functionality of this site during the ensuing months.

In the fall of 2000, Christopher Henry incorporated under the name: Next Step Enterprises, Inc., and added Douglas W. Sabbag, as a corporate officer. Mr. Sabbag, a long time friend of Mr. Henrys, brings with him a similar background of business, and engineering experiences.

Securing the copyrights to the Control-It! Mark and formula were among his first duties.

Next Step Enterprises Inc. has sought to expand its market reach by developing a television marketing campaign. The American Media Group, Inc., of Kansas City, KA is partnering with Next Step Enterprises, Inc., in this endeavor.

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