Dr. David Heber, Director, UCLA Centre for Human Nutrition has worked with thousands of patients in Los Angeles over the last twenty years. He has developed the philosophy and science behind how you can analyse your body shape, personalise your protein needs, and metabolism not only to lose weight, but also to change your body shape. He has also recently been responsible for the upgrade of Herbalife's weight loss programs in line with his research on protein and weight loss.

Dr. Heber maintains that everyone is born with a particular shape, and this shape makes a huge difference in how you should approach weight loss. He has researched the difference between the shape you can change and the shape you cannot, and proven how you can best achieve your goals with your own personalised protein prescription.

His new life-changing book “The L.A. Shape Diet”, is about the shape of your body and how to change it. Using the latest scientific knowledge about how your body works and what your diet should be, you can get started on a personal journey to better shape and better health.

Being overweight often leads to diabetes and can increase your risks of heart disease and some cancers. Your body needs to take in protein to maintain the protein in your muscles and vital organs. Unfortunately, being overweight is often an indication that you have been making poor food choices and not eating enough protein so that your body’s protein stores may be run down. Dr Heber recommends high protein Herbalife shakes as an excellent source of high quality soy protein.

Upon reviewing a recent study done on nutritional trends around the world, Dr. Heber said of the findings, “Many dieters are caught in a cycle of trying various ad-hoc dieting approaches that have nothing to do with their specific needs – and they do so without making lasting changes. If they obtain results, they are quick and temporary. We know that now, one third of Europeans are using a diet of their own creation – whatever that may be. How is the average person, using a diet of his/her own creation, going to successfully cut 500-1000 calories a day in order to lose a certain amount of weight a week? In my opinion, it’s chaos out there."

David Heber, M.D., Ph.D, serves as chairman of Herbalife’s Scientific Advisory Board comprised of world-renowned scientists, and its Medical Advisory Board, which includes leading medical doctors and scientists. The Herbalife Boards support the company’s internal product development team by providing expertise on obesity and human nutrition utilized in product education and marketing materials as well as conducting reviews and providing advice on product research and development. 

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Pauline has been a Herbalife Distributor for over 4 years. She has helped hundreds of men and women to lose weight using the Herbalife Programs and the principles of Dr David Heber and his personalised protein program.