What is a Head Louse?

Head louse is a type of louse which lives and feeds in the hair of humans. There are several different kinds of lice, but head louse can be by far the most irritating. Head louse is common among children because it can be so easily spread, usually by sharing hair brushes with a person infested with lice. The head louse does not carry any disease which makes it virtually harmless, though irritating, while other lice such as body lice can carry certain types of diseases.

Head Louse Treatment

Head louse can be difficult to eliminate because they attach to the hair, probably the quickest way to eliminate head louse would be to shave the hair off completely. But of course, not everyone wants to shave their head, which is what makes home remedies for head louse such a fast and affective treatment. One of the most popular home remedies for head louse is plain white vinegar, just pour a little onto the head and work through until all the hair is thoroughly saturated, allow it to soak for a few minutes and then rinse and comb using a head lice comb. Also olive oil can be used as well as mayonnaise, all of which work very effectively in most cases. Listerine mouthwash can also be a very affected tool to use against head louse, but like so many home remedies for head louse they do not work on everyone so feel free to try out as many as you need until you find the right one for you.

Another great home remedy for head louse is mixing lemon juice with coconut oil. This will kill the lice and their eggs (called nits) and give you some relief from the itching and burning scalp. Of course, there are special shampoos that can help, and you can also buy all natural shampoos and treatments that will be safe for you or your children but very affective in killing lice. Home remedies for head louse are easy to find anywhere on the net and if you do not have a home computer you can borrow a friends or go to your local library for easy internet access. Out of all of these remedies vinegar remains the most popular of all home remedies for head louse, which usually means that it is the most affective, so consider using this method when you make your decision.

Facts About Head Louse

Did you know that the head louse is a parasite? It needs human blood to survive which is why it lives in the hair of humans, the hair provides them with a safe dark place to grow and reproduce. Anyone can get head lice, it does not matter your age or hygiene, and it is very easy to contract these little parasitic bugs. You can get head lice by simply coming into direct contact with a person who has head lice, so if you see any symptoms in another person or you know that they have lice you should try avoid making contact with their personal belongings, such as hair brushes, clothes and bedding. If you do not feel comfortable with a home remedy for head louse, you can visit your local pharmacy for shampoos that can also help kill the lice.

Home remedy for head louse, how do you know that it is safe? Well the truth is that most of these products are natural and do not contain any harmful ingredients, but you should still be cautious and use your common sense, if something does not look right to you, simply do not use the remedy. The first step you need to make in your home remedy for head louse is to remove all clothing worn by the infected person and apply your home remedy for head louse, after the treatment be sure to clean all bedding and clothes thoroughly to prevent spreading.

There are a few upsides to lice, though that may be hard to believe, they do not carry any dangerous diseases, they cannot jump or fly which makes it harder for them to be spread, and they live strictly on humans which means they cannot be passed from human to animal or vice versa. Just remember that there is no need to panic if you or someone you know has become infected with head lice. Although they are a little bit annoying, they are virtually harmless and most of the time they are easily removed.

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