Hooray! Martin Luther King Day is coming soon! That is great, right?

Every year, we use this holiday to honor Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and celebrate the ways he brought great change to The United States. The biggest thing he did to develop his legacy was to make it easier for people of all races in America to be given some freedom and respect.

King’s wishes include world peace, harmony, love, respect, forgiveness and equality. It is important for us to spend every day of the year doing what we can to honor his wishes.

Follow some of King’s sayings. He said he has a dream that someday his children will be judged by the content of their character instead of their skin. Employ this wish by making judgments of others based on how they conduct themselves and treat others. You will dishonor his dream if you hate others and assume they are bad people just because they have a dark skin color or belong to a minority race.

King spoke out against racism, prejudice and inequality. Focus on living each day of your life preventing interracial biases and hatred from entering your heart.

Job promotion inequality, pay inequality and criminal sentencing inequality are major problems. If you are an employer, do not deny an employee a merited promotion or pay raise just because he or she is a minority. Provide sensitivity training for the supervisors and managers. If you are a prosecutor or judge, do not seek or issue a harsh sentence for a defendant just because he or she is a minority.

Treat everyone you know and meet with respect. Forgive others and let them deal with what they have done to you. It is futile to hold grudges against anyone who did something wrong to you in the past. Each day you spend being angry at that person is another day you are miserable while the other person goes about his or her business without giving you much thought, if any.

To honor King’s wishes, avoid legal trouble and stay alive, avoid violence at all times. Think before you say anything. Take the high road by not engaging in a name-calling match.

Although there is no longer sanctioned segregation in America, we still have a problem with segregation among ethnic groups. There is a lack of close interaction between different ethnic groups. Fight segregation by forming close relationships with people who do not belong to your racial class.

Strive to be compassionate. Help people who are less fortunate than you.

Do not neglect your friends. Never be too busy to return their calls or letters.

Fight injustices. Make your voice heard against sinful acts.

Follow all these steps to honor King’s wishes everyday.

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