Throughout the media, we are flooded with sexy over-40s who seem to have stopped time – or at least made it work for them. I’d like to ask Demi Moore, Goldie Hawn or Michelle Pfieffer: How do you do it? There are so many other women hitting their 40s and at the same time their sex drives are hitting the brakes.

It’s easy to blame the everyday stress for a low or even nonexistent libido. A lot of times hormones are at the root of problems. Proper sexual function relies on the delicate interplay of multiple hormones, specifically estrogen, progesterone and testosterone. When these hormones are low or out of balance, it can leave both men and women feeling anything but sexy. Usually, the cause of low libido is multi-factorial, so lifestyle definitely plays a part says testosterone therapy specialist.

Loss of desire can often be put right, but you need to look carefully at the causes of the problem – preferably with the loving cooperation of your partner. There aren’t any quick fixes but usually DHEA replacement or hormone therapy integrated with proper nutrition including supplements, stress reduction and fitness helps balance out hormonal levels such as testosterone and cortisol so that libidos are improved. According to the American Medical Association, there is an estimated several million US women who suffer from low libido. A high proportion of women who recognize and try to correct the problem eventually achieve a return to normal libido.

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