Millions of people across the globe suffer from Depression. Depression is a feeling of a deep sense of despair and low energy and a heap of other symptoms you may look up. The overwhelming way depression is treated is by pharmaceuticals, which were only meant to provide short term relief while clinical therapy is given, but we all know what happened.

When I went to school to earn my Masters of Social Work I learned various “evidence based” methods for treating this mental problem. Evidence based means that you must have a double blind placebo method to ensure that the test results are objective. Uh huh, right.

One day in class my instructor paraded a woman in her late 30’s with a sad look on her face into the classroom and they discussed their work together. At first she had a severe case of obsessive compulsive disorder and received therapy for many months for her anxiety symptoms. After those symptoms diminished substantially her treatment ended. A month later she returned to the hospital for what was then diagnosed as Major Depressive Disorder. Basically a whole new name was given for a brand new set of manifested symptoms. This is insanity people.

So, what is the root of the problem? Is it a particular situation that causes depression, faulty biochemistry, irrationally negative thinking? I have come to believe the root is repressed anger.

In 2000, an article was published in the journal “Medical Hypotheses,” suggesting repressed anger leads to a “toxic mind” and symptoms such as anxiety, nervousness, addiction to stimulating substances or circumstances, mania, paranoia, hallucinations and many others occur because your body is attempting to detoxify itself from the endogenous poisons from your repressed anger stemming from childhood. Yes, as very small infants and children we cannot afford to get angry due to our complete dependency on our caretakers. Imagine the intense shock, severe trauma, or even death that could happen if children consciously realized they were not loved unconditionally.

As children grow up, situations present themselves for them to redirect their anger at the local bully, their classmates, brothers or sisters, etc… The longer they go without expressing/feeling their emotions the more neurotic they become.

Basically, all neurotic behavior is the body’s way of detoxifying itself from internal poisoning from stored emotion. Considering how society conditions us to contain and repress our emotions and the capitalistic system is the first to rush to meet our addictive tendencies (hardwired into us to help us detox) it’s no wonder we are a nation addicted to caffeine, junk food and adrenaline rushes.

Eventually, if what you have in the body through eating toxins and storing emotions outweighs the body’s ability to detox itself, then a disease will begin to develop. This is the body’s “cure” since it has its own intelligence it wants to keep living. Pretty interesting, especially since Eckhart Tolle states that emotions are the main source of physical disease in “The Power of Now.”

So the technique that claims to cure depression is called Redirecting Self Therapy. It suggests that anytime you feel depressed, you redirect your anger in your mind at those who you believe to have harmed you. The source would be your parents and any other people that you attracted as opportunities for you to express repressed anger (bullies, former partners, etc). Basically, you constructively release your anger by beating a pillow, air boxing, or possibly screaming while keeping your victimizers in mind. It’s reminiscent of a controversial technique developed in the 1960’s called Primal Therapy, where the patient is exposed to the traumatic memories from their very early childhood. The technique in the links does not suggest in anyway you relive the trauma, but just think about the person you are mad at while constructively releasing anger. That means do not hurt yourself or any living thing. Of course this can be used in conjunction with feeling your emotions fully as they occur but sometimes you need to act out the anger in a healthy and safe way.

There is an extensive feedback section where you can download messages from those who have tried this method. I must say the results are damn impressive. Individuals have reported becoming free from all depression and other ailments such as Fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome, and other supposedly incurable diseases. Individuals report that eating a diet of mostly raw foods increases the detoxification process and a healthy state returns considerably faster.

In my experience, the most simple things are the most effective. I have tried them at times in the past and releasing any pent up anger is the healthiest thing you can do. No deep analysis or dwelling on the past. Just allow yourself to deal with the past inside of you and you can be here today with more contentment and a more peaceful mind.

Please visit my blog for direct links where you can read the articles in full and testimonials for others who have had success using this technique.

I am not a doctor so please try the methods at your own risk.

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