Many couple will have some hesitation to planning a wedding in winter. This is mainly because they believe that some of the guests they are planning to invite will be on vacation in some other countries. In fact this is very true that the number of guests will be smaller if your bid day is in winter. However, it can be very perfect if you are going to hold a very small wedding.

Here a small wedding refers to one that will only have 10 to 15 guests. This is really very small right? However, what is good about a small wedding is that it can be more intimate and you can really enjoy the time of being together with your closest friends and relatives. It can be even more perfect if this wedding is a Christmas at the same time. The advantage of such a party is that it can be a less formal wedding. You can forget about all the etiquette and really enjoy all the romantic and memorable moments.

You can design your wedding invitation in a way that it matches the winter idea, or the Christmas theme. As discussed before, your wedding will be less formal and so does your wedding card. For the color theme of it, white can be perfect because it symbolize the color of snow and winter. On the contrary, you may also try to use colors which are commonly used when designing Christmas cards. They are the red and green colors. These colors are of course less common for wedding invitations but it will be good as long as it can give your guests a sense of seasons greeting. Wedding cards in such color tones can also be very contemporary and unique.

You may also add some touch of the season to your wedding invitation. For example, you can apply ornaments related to the season to your cards. You can put Santa Clause, snowmen and angels on the card so that it gives your guests a sense of Christmas and New Year. Other ornaments such as snowflakes can also be very perfect. You can print these ornaments on the card. On the other hand, you may also buy these ornaments and stick them on the card. This will make your card to be something three dimensional. A wedding invitation with three dimensional quality can be very special and more interesting than a printed card.

You will also consider stay away from formal wording of the invitation. It will be totally alright for you to create your own wording for the wedding invitation. You may include the concept of seasons greeting. This will make your card more related to Christmas and New Year. You may even consider personalize the wedding invitation. Here the idea of personalization does not mean to make it to reflect you. Personalization in this context means to personalize each card to every guest. Since you are going to hold a small wedding and it will not be hard to personalize the cards.

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