Planning for a wedding is not an easy task. You will need to take a balance between budget and preference. This can be more difficult if you are planning for a destination wedding. In this article, we will focus on this notion and give you a checklist about your wedding planning.

Half to a year before your big day

  • The first thing you need to do is to set a date for your wedding.
  • You will also need to think of the location of your destination wedding.
  • Consider the wedding theme, you will probably consider this with your destination together. You will not choose Bali if you are planning to have a white winter wedding with snow.
  • Ask for all the legal and license requirements.
  • Announce your wedding. Unlike a traditional wedding which you can announce it a bit later, you need to announce your destination wedding a bit earlier since your friends and relatives may need to arrange the vacation beforehand.

Four months before your big day

  • Confirm your air tickets. It will be a mess if you find that you cannot get the air tickets later on.
  • Make the final decision for your ceremony and reception venue.
  • Approach local wedding planners and vendors at the destination. You will probably find them on websites and contact them via emails.
  • Start considering the menu for your wedding reception. To this end you may need to take some time to discuss with the potential caterers.
  • Order the wedding invitation cards.

Two months before your big day

  • Send the invitation cards to your guest. In fact you have already informed them about your wedding at least four months before. You are sending the actual invitations to them so show your sincere.
  • Order your wedding dress and shoes. You have to bear in mind that your wedding dress and shoes should match the atmosphere at the destination.

One month before your big day

  • Planning for the vacation and honeymoon. You will probably have your honeymoon at the same destination as your wedding. It will be a good idea to plan for the trip a little bit.
  • Arrange the insurances, if necessary.

Two weeks before your big day

  • Confirm all the details with the wedding vendors. For example, you will need to confirm with the musicians about the music to be played. You may also need to confirm with the caterer about the menu to make sure that they understand your needs and requirements thoroughly.

One week before your big day

  • Arrive the destination. You need to arrive earlier to arrange the wedding. You may also take this as your pre-honeymoon.
  • Meet the wedding planners and vendors in person.
  • Visit the venues with the vendors. This is especially important for the decoration vendor. You may need to discuss together if anything has to be changed regarding the decorations of the venues.
  • Arrange and get the marriage license. This is probably the most essential. You cannot imagine what will happen if you do not settle it in advance.

On your big day

  • Enjoy the day with your spouse and guests. Your big day is meant to be fun. You should enjoy it and share your happiness with your guests.
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