The Law of Attraction is becoming more and more known by more and more people. The biggest reason for this is probably the popularity of the movie “The Secret” which has been seen by lots of people.

The movie is the great introduction to the knowledge of the Law of Attraction, but unfortunately there is a lot of misunderstanding about how the Law of Attraction works. Many people think that they must think about what they want, visualize it and that their thoughts influence the energy and what they want will manifest.

Unfortunately simply thinking about becoming wealthy won’t cause millions of dollars to appear in a bank account. Things don’t happen that way. In the physical world we are bound by “space” and “time”, so things visualized by us don’t simply materialize in front of us.

How does the Law of Attraction work?

The Mind works in two ways, on conscious and subconscious level. When we think about something it is impressed on the subconscious mind which acts on the thought. If the thought is not concentrated it simply dissipates into energy. Thoughts like everything are energy.

However, when the thought is concentrated, which means that we focus on something for a longer period of time or often with emotions and imagination, things can really start to manifest.

You might notice that people are often easily influenced by bad or disturbing news. They often think a lot about things they don’t want to happen to them. They think more about what they don’t want than what they want. They also put a lot of feelings and imagination into such thoughts. Subsequently they attract those things into their lives.

If you are in debt and you are thinking and worrying constantly about your debts, you will be in debt forever. Stop worrying about your debts and start thinking about how to become wealthy.

When we impress a thought on the subconscious mind related to our body, the subconscious mind will react on the thought immediately and directly and it will start healing process or will start manifesting illness. This happens because the subconscious mind has full dominion over the physical body. That is not the case when the thought is not directly related to our physical body.

To manifest things not related to the physical body the thought must be very powerful to attract the things someone wants.

Someone must really think about the things he wants to attract with emotion and imagination and someone must believe that he will get what he wants. If you read biographies of the successful people you will see that they were convinced that they will be successful even when confronted with great obstacles. Similarly, successful businessmen easily create more and more money because they experienced the success and they are convinced that they will be more successful.

But if you want to attract wealth from the scratch you need to take also inspired action. You need to use the Law of Attraction, visualization, meditation, etc to get some inspiration, and then to take massive action. Things will not fall from the sky, but you will achieve them by using your mind and your body properly with the knowledge of the Law of Attraction

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