Years ago, when I finally cracked my personal code on love, I was driving in Los Angeles, and I heard a loud voice say, "you're finished with love, now you will learn about money." It was the first time I had ever "heard" a voice come through loud and clear, as if there was an intercom in the car.

My ecstasy about mastering Love fell flat at the prospect of what was to come around money.

7 years later, I can say that money, the entire experience of having it, spending it, creating it has gone from something that "had to be done", to being in alignment with my deepest passion and purpose as well as more wealth (with more ease) than I've ever experienced.

Instead of giving you the whole roller coaster ride, I thought it best to just give you the key to why economic crisis is a glorious thing, even, dare I say, an answer to a prayer and why it signifies enormous wealth to come!

With the Law of Attraction, every thought contemplated long enough is an "asking" and so even when we worry, we are "asking." But how does this relate to financial crisis? And can something good come out of something that is seemingly negative?

Currently many people are asking for more wealth, more than ever these days and at the same time they are also asking for meaning, purpose, passion and happiness. How these qualities may demonstrate can seem anti-intuitive at times.

For example, I've discovered that when we ask for something the law will often first bring about its opposite. In other words, let's say you were an alien to this planet and heard about the pleasures of being "warm and cozy." You decide you want this experience. Do you think you would attract an experience of being on a tropical island or let's say skiing in Tahoe?

The more intense the desire, or the more complex the desire, sometimes the more contrasting the experience. How about skiing in Tahoe, versus let's say being stuck in a snow drift, not knowing if you're going to come out of it alive and then finding a welcoming bed and breakfast with a fireplace and down bedding? Suddenly, "warm and cozy" becomes an ecstatic experience.

When we "ask" for something, we will often experience its opposite, simply because without it we would not have a reference point for the experience. In the same vein, most millionaires I know are self-made, who have been through a contrasting experience either in childhood or later on through starting and failing at many businesses, often having been bankrupt at some point in life. The contrasting experience pulls in a powerful vortex of desire and thus life force energy.

The same goes for those on the Beloved Path, you've probably started off amassing experiences of great contrast, so you know what you REALLY don't want and as a result have created a bright shiny vision of relationship that you DO WANT. As you get closer to this manifestation, you'll find that the relationships you draw in are more and more fulfilling.

In our corporate culture of cubicles, of isolating urban sprawl, of video game escapism, it may be strange to think that as a population we have experienced more wealth than our ancestors ever did. (If you consider that wealth in the past would have meant not having to milk your own cow and produce your own food, of having the freedom to go wherever you want, of being able to communicate easily then there has never been a wealthier time on this planet for a large portion of the population. For instance, having a phone during my grandmother's generation was a luxury, this year 650 million cell phones were sold). Humanity as a collective is richer in experience, physically, mentally, spiritually than it has ever been.

Now though, with all of our material wealth there has been a growing collective desire for community, purpose, and happiness as qualifiers for wealth as well, and there is nothing like a financial crisis to help define this for people.

For these qualities, sometimes it takes a crisis that questions basic survival issues, that will push people to finally reach out for help and connection to discover their own talents and true purpose. It brings about connection, stimulates ideas, creativity, vitality, and even romance! But you can only take advantage of this opportunity if you are in the right state of mind, of being-solution oriented rather than fear-oriented.

In fact, it may comfort you to know that in the October 6, 2008 issue of the NY Times, there was an article about how recessions affected health, and found that in economic downturns people tended to be less stressed then during booms, mortality rates decrease, people exercise more, eat more home-cooked meals, and spend more time with family.

This is not to say, that you'll be feeling the crunch for long. In actuality, whenever we experience something we do not like, the Source energy within us immediately creates its opposite and then draws us to toward our creation through our emotions.

Isn't it exciting to know that this "global crisis" simply signifies a global desire, and you better believe that the bigger the crisis, the more magnificent the creation, so watch out world, because the coming expansion of abundance for all will be a vision to behold!

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Bella has helped hundreds and hundreds of women manifest more love than they ever thought possible in only a couple of years.

How did she came to this work?

A month away from her wedding in September of 2000, Bella decided that if she moved forward she would be entering into a partnership based on past pain and old limiting beliefs.

Leaving the relationship, she went on a shamanic journey, studying with top metaphysical intuitives to understand and move beyond patterns of pain. Like gathering pieces of a puzzle, she learned many tools but none of her teachers could teach her about divine partnership. It was only when she uncovered her own intuitive knowledge that she not only found her Beloved but also, and of equal importance, her life calling to help the Beloveds of the world unite!

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