My talents have evolved over 25 years through various Mind, Body and Energy work trainings. These gifts are God-given and the results are immediate and extraordinary!

I do not predict the future; however here is a description of my talents…

With years of experience in Applied Kinesiology (muscle testing), my success is centered in clearing emotional distress, eliminating food and environmental allergies, dissolving headaches and pain. One of the most interesting aspects is my capacity to increase physical mobility by doing bodywork over the phone! We quickly access the causes of physical or emotional symptoms energetically accessing the 5 elements within acupuncture theory, discovering where energy is blocked. Often, it is resonating within the physical structure of the body, holding patterns originating in cellular memory, or other areas of the Body and Mind. All you need to do is create a goal for perfect health, relationships or a vision you want to create. I test on a percentage basis the level your goal is currently supported, and then effectively raise your Body, Mind, Spirit and physical structure, to support you on all levels. Often the subconscious mind (nearly 95% of our brain’s capacity) retriggers early patterns causing a repetition of experiences and symptoms we would prefer not to reencounter. I use 8 various emotions charts to clear reoccurring emotional patterns. The high vibration words “Infinite Love and Gratitude” are consistently and positively recognized instantly by our innate wisdom, rebalancing a wide variety of conditions. I also use a system known as EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) Yes, even on the phone, early patterns of trauma can be healed within minutes! We identify the original occurrence, often beginning at an early age in childhood, and progress new healthy patterns to your current age. Normally this entire process can take 45 to an hour and 15 minutes. However, I’ve been able to speed up this clearing and alignment often to less than 30 minutes! I value your time and encourage you to experience this gentle, compassionate, and amazing opportunity! It’s fun, safe and easy!

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Disclaimer: These therapies are not intended to treat, diagnose, or cure, any medical conditions. See your physician for any specific health, medical or psychological issues.

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Long-Distance Healer, Body Worker, and Energetic Healer since 1985.

Advanced Training and Certified in: (6) Acupressure protocols (no needles), NAET Allergy Elimination, Zero Balancing, EMDR, Applied Kinesiology, The Lifeline Technique, Emotional Freedom Techniques, Thought Field Therapy, Clearing Past and Present Trauma, Touch For Health, Flower Essence Therapy.

Lectures include: Understanding Mind and Body Relationships, How To Get 100% Of Your Energy To Support Your Goals, Flower Essence Therapy, Sound And Color Therapy, Using Kinesiology (muscle testing) To Access Innate Wisdom, Transforming Our Families, Healing Our World, Understanding Our Enlightened Children.
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