HAVE YOU EVER FOUND YOURSELF singing a song over and over and over again, especially one that is emotional, during a break up maybe?

It's cathartic, allowing us to fully feel and express our emotion before we choose to move and release it to the Universe. Right?

Well, it depends on how you use it.

One of the largest breakthroughs I've had in understanding the Law of Attraction has been around re-framing what emotions are and how they work.

I'm sure you've heard the expression, "don't be so emotional", or "get a grip on your emotions", or that women are "overly emotional."

During my childhood I was always labeled as overly emotional, but now I've come to understand why that was, and also how once you understand the true nature of Emotions, your emotional sensitivity is actually your largest asset!

As it turns out, emotions are not creative.


The beliefs that underlie an emotion are.

Emotions are simply INDICATORS.

They indicate what you believe about a particular subject.
And what you believe is what you attract into your experience.

At a recent Abraham-Hicks workshop, someone asked them "what is thought" and "what is thinking". The answer was that "thought" was an offering of vibration and that "thinking" is simply what happens when you focus your attention on a thought long enough that it starts to attract like vibration or thoughts to it. There really is no process of thinking, there is only focus and magnetizing.

So how does this relate to feeling? Let's say your lover just broke up with you (which you did not want) and you try to understand what happened. You start to think, "I don't want this, I can't believe he doesn't love me." As you focus on this belief, other thoughts like it start to aggregate, like "there's something wrong with me, I'm too old, love is painful, etc. etc." And hence the feeling of sadness, even depression comes about and you find yourself belting out Bonnie Raitt's "I can't make you love me."

The emotional song just indicates what you are currently believing. And then, one day you find yourself sick of depression and revenge feels better than a forlorn song about losing a love. Why is that you think?

Because your belief is shifting. And believe it or not, if you started off feeling grief, revenge is actually a vibrational improvement, it is more empowering than depression. And anger is even more empowering than revenge.

This is not to say that one ought to stay at any of these beliefs for long or to take action on these feelings because they are still not in vibrational alignment with the truth of who you are, but rather that if Powerlessness/Grief are the bottom of our emotional scale (the point of most disconnection with the Truth of who you are), then you'll know that you are coming back to life when you move up the scale from anger>discouragement>blame> worry>doubt etc.

In fact, using Abraham-Hicks Emotional Scale as a reference, I've matched up various love songs to the different emotions so that you can discover where are you vibrating when it comes to love.

Seeing what song you're attracted to, you'll see where you are at on the emotional scale.

And once you discover what it is, you'll know what song to reach for next, because you'll find that people can't just jump from one end of the scale to another, the difference in frequency of vibration is too vast. However, you can move up incrementally, and you can even do it by listening to the songs that are right above where you are. Just make sure to GO UP THE SCALE!


1. JOY- Love can move mountains - Celine Delion
2. PASSION Ain't No Mountain - Marvin Gaye, Vision of Love, Mariah Carey
3. ENTHUSIASM/EAGERNESS/HAPPINESS These Words - Natasha Beddingfield, You Send Me - Sam Cooke, My Girl - The Temptations
4. POSITIVE EXPECTATION/BELIEF - Unwritten- Natasha Beddingfield,
5. OPTIMISM - Kind and Generous, Natalie Merchant
6. HOPEFULNESS - Believe - Cher, Cupid -Sam Cooke,
7. CONTENTMENT - Don't worry be Happy - Bobby McFerrin, Private Party - Indie Arie
8. BOREDOM - Are you having any fun?- Count Basie - Tony Bennett
9. PESSIMISM- What's Love Got To Do With It- Tina Turner
11. OVERWHELM - This Love, Maroon 5
12. DISAPPOINTMENT- You don't bring me flowers-Barbara Streisand
13. DOUBT - Galileo - Indigo Girls
14. WORRY - Will you still love me tomorrow?
15. BLAME- Because of you - Kelly Clarkson
16. DISCOURAGEMENT - You're so gay- Katy Perry, Love is a Battefield - Pat Benatar
17. ANGER - I will survive- Gloria Gayor
18. REVENGE - Before He Cheats- Carrie Underwood, Wake up Call - Maroon 5
19. HATRED/RAGE - You're so vain, Carly Simon
20. JEALOUSY- Don't cha - Pussy Cat Dolls
21. INSECURITY/GUILT - If I never see your face again - Maroon 5
22. FEAR/GRIEF/DESPAIR/ POWERLESSNESS - I Can't Make You Love Me - Bonnie Raitt

All love,

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