In the news we have been hearing of a very deadly and first time seen strain of a swine flu virus. We immediately decided to concentrate on the promotion of our Immune Boosting and Flu Fighting Formulas. The virus referred to is actually a combination of a swine, human and bird strain which seems to have originated in Mexico killing over far. There are hospitals here in America and around the world describing patients with what sounds like the same flu. The local newspaper is warning of a world-wide pandemic. Not good. Sounds like a good time to take a look at your immune system and what you can do to bolster it and what formulas to always have on hand to naturally fight a flu virus as a general rule.

Let's first take a look at how Chinese Medicine views your immune system to better understand probably one of the most important subjects in yours and your family's lifetime...

We are frequently asked about which 'herb' is good to strengthen your immune system. There are single herbs used in Chinese Herbal Medicine such as American Ginseng and He Shou Wu which are very significant in there uses to promote Qi and Blood, respectively. For the most part, it is the herbal combinations [recipes] that create a specific formula that have both stood the test of time, and work synergistically in a purely scientific manner to create the internal changes that they were intended for.

How does this relate to your immune levels? We will break down this answer into two thoughts. The first is that when you are working on specific pattern(s) [e.g. Liver Blood Deficiency, Kidney Yin Deficiency or Excess Heart Fire] with our Chinese Herbal Formulas, based on the disharmonies you are displaying, you will immediately increase your immune levels and your Anti-pathogenic Qi response to an invading pathogen. A disharmony can be described as digestive bloating, dry skin, insomnia, low energy and so on... Do not take these disharmonies lightly. Knowing your disharmonies and treating them with the proper Chinese Herbal Formulas is the foundation of Chinese Medicine. We list disharmonies with each formula on our site to match up with your personal patterns. Three or more disharmonies can inform you that the formula you are looking at may be right for you. Taking two or more formulas is very common. As an aside, we do offer Online Consultations if you become too overwhelmed.

Not only will you feel much better taking the proper formulas, especially for chronic illnesses, but if you are not 'fighting' an internal problem your abilities to 'fight' an invading pathogen increases.

Second thought: There are actual Chinese Herbal Formulas, and herbs for that matter, that are known to strengthen your immune levels such as Huang Qi-Astragulas, one of the oldest and most well known herbs in Chinese Herbal Medicine. In fact its name translates to Yellow Leader telling us that the ancient Chinese Herbalists knew, even 1000's of years ago, the importance of your immune system. Bai Zhu-Atractylodes is another Chinese Herb very commonly used in many formulas for its Spleen and Lung Organ System enhancement relating directly to digestive, blood and immune level enhancement.

The point here is that while strengthening daily functions such as fluid and food transformation with these herbs [and the formulas we will next list] you are also building your immune system. This dualistic action is the true beauty of Chinese Herbal Medicine. We at Heaven and Earth Chinese Medicine Healing Center ( have been preaching and predicting that a strong immune system will soon be worth its weight in gold. We believe that the time is now.

The specific Chinese Herbal Formulas that we carry for Immune System Enhancement is as follows. These formulas can assist with many other disharmonies.

Immune Enhancement Formula-raw, herbal formula requires cooking

Imunne Booster 7- raw, herbal formula requires cooking

Jade Screen Teapills

The Great Pulse Teapills

As important as it is to make sure that your immune system is running strong, having the proper Chinese Herbal Flu fighting formulas on hand is a must. We have stocked our raw herbal supplies in case of, and we pray it doesn't happen, a major incident occurs involving the need for anti-viral and bacterial formulas. Someone once said, "Forewarned is to be forearmed". We are following that lead.

One of our own raw formula recipes, Drive Out Flu And Infection (Heat) Formula, is based on powerful clearing and surface releasing herbs. This formula drives out pathogens through the surface [sweating out through the skin before it moves inward] killing the invaders. Clear Wind Heat Teapills and Yin Chiao Tablets are two safe and powerful formulas used to remove heat [infection] and immediately fight pathogens once they invade and overcome your pathogen fighting abilities. The first sign of a fever, cough, sore throat, headache, red eyes, dizziness, when the assistance of one of these formulas is required.

Major Intestinal Detox Formula and Cool Valley Teapills, clears pathogens through the colon once the pathogen has invaded and moved internally and downward. Clear Mountain Air Teapills is powerful formula when the lungs have been invaded with infection and the pathogen has, again, broken through the protective surface immune system of your body. This formula can be used for acute and chronic lung infections. It is little known fact that Chai Hu-Buplierium is used to treat bio-medical diseases such as malaria and bronchitis. Chai Hu is found in Free and Easy Wanderer and the Plus version, amongst other formulas, and could prove to be quite invaluable. It is found in our raw Harmonize Liver and Spleen Formula and our Sinus Infection Clearing Formula. Another little known, but very important formula, is for lung heat/infection titled Lung Dryness and Cough Formula.

We are listing these formulas so that you can explore and become more familiar with Heaven and Earth Chinese Medicine Healing Center and for your better health. Thank you and please forward this article on to everyone you know.

Author's Bio: 

Teah Akrish has had many opportunities through out her life to learn about health in its many different view points. When she was a young girl, her father was diagnosed with kidney failure, and was immediately put on dialysis. Through out the progression of her father's disease, she witnessed new methods of healing as he sought alternative methods to aid in his treatment. This is when she began her study of the Chinese Philosophy of healing. When Teah herself, came down with a chronic illness in her early adulthood that Western doctors could not help with, she decided to see a Chinese Herbalist, who cured her ailments within two weeks. From there it has been her passion to understand, practice and teach about this ancient system of health and healing.

Teah is a talented practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine. She encompasses within her being an inherent understanding of this natural healing method... which is probably why she was drawn to it at such an early age. With her ability to acknowledge small shifts in a persons state of existence, paired with an innate understanding of human and natural processes, comes a powerful resource of healing knowledge. During the consult, she is kind, attentive and thoughtful; focusing solely on the needs of the client.

With a firm education in Traditional Chinese Herbalism having studied with the Institute of Chinese Herbology, she continues to devote much of her time to the study and practice of Chinese medical philosophy. Teah is diligently purifying her own being through meditation, Chinese Herbs, Kung Fu, Tai Chi and Qi Gong. These practices result in a continual refinement of her mental and emotional states by making her aware of the subtle processes in her body that contribute to health, disease and healing. For Teah, the Chinese Medicine philosophy and healing methods are not just a means of business, but a way of life.

Teah is now business partner with her soul mate, David Akrish, as they integrate Eastern health and healing into the Western culture through Heaven and Earth Chinese Medicine Healing Center. Through this business they proudly offer many different programs and products to accomplish their vision.

David Akrish has been studying the complex workings of the body from both the Eastern and Western perspective since the age of seven, he is now in his early forties. Given his unique training in both view points, he is a well rounded body systems technician, assisting many into a higher and happier quality of life.

David has an in-depth working knowledge of Western Medicine, due to his successful career as a firefighter and rural/inner city paramedic, in which he started in his mid-twenties. He worked in the field for approximately 15 years, helping thousands of patients deal with many problems from severe trauma, to multiple medical illnesses, gaining an excellent reputation in the field of emergency medicine.

Yet, as a true believer of the holistic eastern ways, David decided to offer his healing abilities in the field of Traditional Chinese Medicine. David continues to devote his life to the study and furthering of Acupressure, Tui Na and Chinese Herbs to help all living entities cultivate a higher life force. David began his journey into the esoteric views of Chinese health and healing when he took his first Martial Art class at the age of seven. From there he continued studying many different styles, one of which he has mastered and is currently offering classes through his own school, the White Snake Choy Li Fut Kung Fu and Tai Chi Chuan School. As he learned from Qi Gong and Choy Li Fut Grandmaster, Wong Doc Fai, he became aware of the processes of Qi, laying his foundation as a healer in these unique methods in his early twenties. This is where he then began his own independent study as a Chinese Herbalist, in which he has added upon greatly in these past twenty years. Studying with the Institute of Chinese Herbology and opening his own successful private practice with his wife, Teah, David has continued to further his own knowledge in this unique healing method.

As a practitioner, David eagerly teaches his clients about the special workings of TCM. Listening carefully and engaging the client in a very friendly conversation-like atmosphere, he assesses the unique health patterns of that individual. With his kindness and humor, he opens doors of healing and of windows of truth, giving him the unique ability to see the truth of any matter, making him a very accurate and successful healer in all aspects of life.