Your eyes are a great indicator that can help in predicting
violent behavior. The eyes can determine when someone is
under too much stress, and prone to violence. That's right,
all You Have To Do Is Look!

The more stress a person is under, the more it will show in
the eyes. The more white there is around the iris, the more
dangerous that person can become. This is true for most people.

Stress affects the mind and optic nerves behind the eyes.
This pulls the muscles up, moving the irises up into the eye
sockets. White space it revealed under the irises. The
stress can be from a person’s personal or public life, or both.

As the stress progresses check the eyes for the five stages
of stress (sanpaku).
1. A little white under the iris – depth perception is
off – accident-prone.
2. More white shows – a lot of stress – they want to unload
3. More white revealed – extreme stress – they are hiding
4. More white – only half the iris shows – don’t walk
– run away!

Your eyes will show your true mental state. Have you looked in
a mirror lately?

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