If you're like many people, you've packed away the goals you had at the beginning of this year. But I have a suggestion for you: Dust them off and get on your way to accomplishing them, starting today.

Spring is a time of cleaning out clutter and starting afresh. So let this be a time of getting rid of the disappointments that cloud your mind and making a new start on a goal that has meaning for you. If you follow some key steps, you can make your goal happen – this spring!

I had a very simple desire this year: Get my taxes filed before the April 15 deadline – not on the day, not after the day with an extension. But filed early. With so much going on – running a business, managing family life, traveling – that was a tall order.

As January turned into February and February turned into March, I wondered if I would let this wish fall by the wayside. But I knew I could not do that. So I had to turn that wish into a goal: I had to create a plan and attach a deadline to it. And I had to act on that plan.

What about you? What desire do you have but you've not attached any real structure to it? Often we fail to reach our hopes, goals and dreams because we don't pursue them with any real structure. We want to "wing it." Well, success isn't about winging it.

It's about planning. And putting action behind that plan.

This works whether your goal is big or small. Don't trust your goal to a loose attempt at winging it. Many people spend a lot of time thinking and reading about success, but they don't spend the necessary time planning for it. Others, though, spend quite a lot of time planning – and planning some more and some more – but fail to act. And still others are always in action – they flit from gig to gig or idea to idea – but never with much thought or planning. None of these is the right way to approach your goals.

Instead, a better idea is to take some time for all three elements: Think about what you want. Plan for it. And act upon the plan.

Consider a goal you'd like to accomplish within the next 90 days, something you would like to achieve this spring. Is it to lose weight? Is it to get in shape for a race? Is it to turn your hobby into a business? Is it to start on your book – or finish it?

|Now, settle on which of those goals you will achieve this spring. Think more specifically about that goal. Is it doable in 30 days, 60 days or 90 days? Or is it more of a long-term effort? Choose a 30 to 90-day goal. Once you get the confidence boost of achieving this short-term goal, you'll be revved up and ready to move on to your long-term goal or dream.

Now, let's move those thoughts. Let's analyze and define what you want. Why do you want this goal? What will it mean for you to accomplish it? How will your life be better because of it? Then get to the point of defining this goal. Tell yourself exactly what you will accomplish. Don't just say "I want to grow my business." Instead, define how much you will grow your business and in what kind of time frame. Perhaps you will bring in five new clients this month, or you will sell 100 more units this month than last. Whatever you do, create a way to quantify the goal and add a deadline.

Now, it's time to fill in the gaps. How do you make this goal happen? Think backward from your deadline and consider everything that needs to occur to turn your goal into a done deal. Jot down all those details. Then go back through your list and turn that jotting into a plan. Include your action steps and the deadlines for taking each action. It's helpful to have your calendar or PDA handy at this stage because you can easily write or key in your deadlines so your overall calendar reflects your goal achievement plan.

Lastly, apply action to your plan. That means you actually have to do whatever it is you've written down! If this means rearranging your schedule, or taking some less important things off your to-do list, then you'll need to make these adjustments.

Each of these steps is critical to your success.

Your three-point approach to success looks like this:

1. Analyze and define your goal. What is your desire? Why do you want to accomplish this particular thing? What will it do for you? Turn the wish into a goal by defining it. Define the goal by quantifying what you will accomplish and in what kind of time frame.

2. Plan your goal. Brainstorm all the steps it will take to reach your goal. If you're unsure, do a bit of research. Search online for information about your goal. Talk with someone who has had success in this area, or who coaches or trains people in matters of goal achievement. Then go back through that brainstorm and organize your actions and attach deadlines.

3. Act on your plan. Adjust your schedule, rearrange your to-do list, and make other changes in your day-to-day activities that allow you to devote time and attention to your goal. Putting action to your plan will likely mean making some sacrifices in other areas.

If you follow these steps, you can turn your desires into goals and your goals into success. This approach has worked for me consistently over the years, and has allowed me to grow my business, build solid relationships, contribute to causes, and accomplish those fun things, such as running a marathon. Oh, and it also worked for me at tax time this year: I met my goal and got my taxes off early, so April 15 will be just another day for me!

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