What’s needed right now is optimism. What’s missing in the world right now is optimism.
Almost everyone has chosen pessimism. That’s why things are going down. It’s easy to see. Most everyone is thinking pessimistically. What’s going on reflects their pessimism. That is, there’s more and more for pessimistic people to be pessimistic about.
How could it be anything else? How could thinking everything is bad lead to good? How does nervousness and anxiety lead to peace and calm?
Stress leads to more stress. Anxiety leads to anxiety. Pessimism leads to pessimism. How it could be otherwise?
If everyone thinks the sky is falling, believe me, it’s falling. And the naysayers get to say, see I told you so.
It’s not the naysayers. It’s the followers of the naysayers. If nobody paid attention to the naysayers, there would be no more naysayers.
The mind is fascinated by naysaying. It’s even more thrilled by trouble, problems and big crises. Fascination with trouble gets you more trouble. Once again, I ask you, how can it be anything else?
Am I saying you’re doing it to yourself? That’s exactly what I am saying. Whatever you have, whether you like it or not, you have done to yourself.
Most don’t like to hear that because they like to believe it happened to them, they’re innocent victims of circumstances, scoundrels or crooks. That’s convenient to think, but it’s not so. Whatever you have---or don’t have—you have set it up with your thinking.
Don’t believe it. You don’t have to. It’s your decision. You’re free to decide. Be the victim and you have what victims create, more victimhood, more things to be a victim about.
Refer to several lines earlier. Let me phrase it more clearly. Positive leads to more positive and negative leads to more negative. Lint collects lint is another way to put it. You don’t plant chaff and get wheat anymore than planting wheat gets you chaff.
Optimism is needed. Optimism isn’t, hip, hip, hooray. Optimism isn’t a big, wide smile, while you’re busting inside. Optimism isn’t yeah, yeah, yeah when inside it’s no, no, no. Optimism happens when you let go of no, no, no. Optimism happens when you let go of pessimism.
What is pessimism? Pessimism is, I cannot do it, I cannot have it, I cannot be it. I cannot. If that’s a person’s mindset, for them it is true.
Optimism is, I can do it. Yes. I can. I can have it. I can do it.
It’s simple. Whatever you think, you get. If you’re pessimistic, you’re going to have a lot more to be pessimistic about. If you’re optimistic you’re going to have a lot more to be optimistic about. If you put a shoe in an oven, the oven will bake the shoe, it doesn’t care. If you put negative, pessimism in the oven the oven will turn out more pessimism.
Optimism is needed. Not for the world. The world is going to do what it’s going to do. Optimism is needed for YOU. You get optimistic by letting go of the pessimism. Ignore the pull of pessimism. Decide. I am not going to get into pessimism. Doing that turns you more optimistic. Do it all the time and all the time you are becoming more optimistic.
Good things come to the optimistic just like not so good things go to those who expect not so good things, called pessimists.
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