This is part five in my series on prosperity. I practice these principles in my affiliate marketing endeavors and real life. Some of these may be relevant to you while others will not be. I hope you are enjoying the series so far. Keep coming back for the next installments. Tell your friends and family about this series because I believe there is something for everybody in here.

Creating wealth in people’s lives is usually at the top of the list of their endeavors. Using your mind to help you do this can be a very powerful factor in life. Basically what you want to do is trick your mind into believing you can get what you want in business and life.

1. Be Thankful For What You Already Have

If you are thankful for what you have and look at the cup as half full instead of half empty then you will easily bring more money into your life. Instead of ignoring the fact that you get a paycheck because you get one every two weeks you should be thankful that you got it. This is money that’s flowing into your life. If you compare yourself to over 80 percent of the people in the world you are probably in the top twenty for being wealthy. That is something to definitely be thankful for.

2. You Have To Believe That You Are Rich

For most of us it’s not going to hurt to live a little higher in life. I am not suggesting that you don’t pay your bills and spend your money stupidly. What I am suggesting is that you trick your brain into thinking you are already rich. Next time you go out to eat have steak instead of hamburger, stay at slightly more expensive hotels on your next vacation. For the most part you should buy the things you want in life and as long as you believe and work hard the money will come for it.

3. Doesn’t Matter If It’s A Penny Or A Hundred Dollars

Are you willing to put in the effort to make the money? I put in tons of effort into my online marketing. Some days I only make one penny with my adsense campaign but I look at it as a penny more then I had the day before. I know I’m worth a lot more but every penny to me is a million bucks. I believed I could earn on line and I did.

4. Be Open To Opportunities

The difference between rich and poor is that he rich are willing to work hard and take chances. Oh sure at times they do fail but instead of giving up they watch for the next big opportunity, grab it and run with it. There are tons of business opportunities around you. Many people like to holler scam when they fail just because their not willing to take any of the fault. There are scams out there but most opportunities worked hard will pan out and be successful.

5. Make Sure You Enjoy What You Are Doing

I love working on line even when I have bad days. I don’t know what it is because I put in more time then at my normal job. I work my butt off and I love it. I have so much energy when I'm doing what I enjoy. I never let the small things bother me. I believe that’s why my online business brings me so many rewards. As long as I stay positive I will be happy thus leading me to a bigger income.

Thanks Dale Mazurek

This is the fifth excerpt in a large series on keeping yourself prosperous. Go ahead and read on and look forward to the next one.

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