There are many people that will try to teach you how to build your self esteem. But not everyone knows how to really build self esteem. When a person has great self esteem, he is able to participate more actively in life. His life becomes richer, and he will find his relationships with the people he loves will improve. Here are some tangible ways that you can use to build your self esteem:

1. Visualize yourself taking a more active role in your life drama. This means that you will see yourself being less shy and introverted, participating more in family, work or school, and community activities. Take note this does not mean being aggressive - it just means you will try to play more of a part in your immediate environment.

2. Visualize every day that tomorrow will be a better day for you. When you do this, you create a mindset that allows you to be better prepared to take advantage of great opportunities that come your way - opportunities which used to pass you by before.

3. Write down your dreams, goals and aspirations on paper. This serves to reinforce them in your mind.

4. Break down these dreams, goals and aspirations into two categories: short term and long term. Doing so allows you to work on your short term goals on a daily basis one by one. In time, you will find that your long term goals become achievable. Being organized this way helps keep goals realistic.

5. Get a close friend and ask him how he perceives you. If possible, get more than one friend to do this. Then compare and contrast this with how you view yourself. You may find that your friend or friends have insights into your character, traits and attributes that you may not have noticed before.

Yes, it is true - most of the time we are blind to our own personality characteristics and flaws. Especially flaws. Like the tv evangelist Joyce Meyer once said, often we view ourselves through rose-colored glasses while examining other people through a magnifying glass. So we may need help from other people occasionally in our attempts to improve ourselves.

6. Be careful, though, that you do not immediately believe comments from other people. There are some people who just cannot accept it when others are happy. They will make it a point to try to influence your way of thinking. The question is though: why do you believe them? Perhaps you are trying too hard to be likable to other people that you adhere to the belief systems held by other people even when your good old common sense tells you to do otherwise.

7. Try to identify areas in your life where symptoms of low self esteem are most prevalent. Perhaps you are conscious about your looks. Maybe someone once told you that you have terrible teeth so you stopped smiling altogether? Or perhaps it is your walk that you are conscious about? Your clothes? Your hair style?

Everyone has an aspect of his life where low self esteem can be felt. You can identify such areas so you can work on improving how you perceive yourself in those areas.

If your hair style gives you low self confidence, there are many great hairstylists nowadays who can help you with that. A good orthodontist can provide braces for you. Fashion consultants can be found who can assist you in reorganizing your wardrobe for work and leisure. The point is, if you look hard enough, you can find ways to improve in those areas where you experience low self esteem.

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