Many coaches, consultants and other service business owners know that teaching teleseminars brings a lot of rewards to them and to their business. Their teleseminars bring in more clients, promote their expertise and help them differentiate themselves from others in their field.

Unfortunately, many coaches, consultants and other service business owners feel that their teleseminar is a one-time event. Once they get paid for their teleseminar and teach it to the people attending the teleseminar, they don't use it to generate any more business revenues. What many coaches, consultants and other service business owners don't realize is that they can turn their teleseminar into many more information products that can generate profits for their business over and over again.

Here is how you can create a complete information product empire from each one of your teleseminars:

- Make sure to record every teleseminar you teach. This is a mistake that I see many coaches, consultants and other service business owners make every time they teach teleseminars - they do not record them.

Make sure that you record all of your teleseminars. Each teleseminar recordings is a new product that can be used in many ways. One of them is selling the audio recording on your web site.

- Put the audio recording of the teleseminar on a CD and create a whole new product, a CD.

- Use the audio recording as a gift or special bonus that you give away when someone buys your other products. Doing this provides additional value to people who decide to buy your products, which is good for both you and your customers.

- Use the recording as materials for your clients. When you need to teach your one-on-one clients the same information that you shared during the teleseminar, let them listen to the audio recording. Doing this will help you provide additional value for your clients.

- Use the information on the audio to create a special report. To do that, create an outline for the report, and use the information you shared during the teleseminar to write it.

- Make the special report longer and turn the special report into an e-book. Expand on the information in the special report and create an e-book that you can sell on your web site.

- Use the recording and special report to promote your other products. Your teleseminar or audio recording are intermediate products in your marketing funnel. Include information about your other products and services, as well as links to your web site and other resources in your teleseminar workbook and with your audio recording.

Here you have seven different ways for you to use the material that you teach in your teleseminar and create new products out of it. Make sure that you use this information to create an information product empire using your teleseminars.

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