Confidence is not only a skill it is a choice. How to have confidence? It is a choice to walk, talk and act with confidence despite how you feel or what others say. To have confidence is to be at ease in any situation. To be prepared and capable to take all the hits as they come and still smile while doing it.

The beauty of confidence is that if you don't have to possess it to walk with it. All you need is the know how and a bit of perseverance to make sure that in all instances you can appear to be cool calm collected and confident. This will show that you can cope under pressure and attract responsibility and promotion. When you act in confidence it is attracted to you.

As shallow as it sounds presentation and looking after you are important factors to having confidence. If you know that you are eating right, exercising regularly and treating your body and mind with respect and dignity. When you do have a bad day it is easier to overcome.

Ensuring that your immediate needs of shelter, warmth, hygiene and even what you wear can effect how you feel and therefore affect the was you eventually act. If you are dressed well and feel like you are well presented you are less likely to suffer from a lack of confidence. This will not always help but the foundation needs to be strong for a building to stand so look after yourself and you will find the benefits surprising.

Once you have your exterior covered well your body language is the next thing to be addressed. Are there certain people who you naturally want to hide around or those who you feel intimidated by therefore close your body language up? Your body language will always tell the story of how you feel even if your words don't so make sure that you have open body language to show optimum confidence. Shoulders straight, eyes looking forward or directed towards who you are speaking to, do not fold arms across your chest and try not o shuffle your feet, keep hand movement directed towards what you are doing and resist the temptation to fidget or fiddle while talking or listening.

One of the simplest ways to show that you have confidence is to show interest. There is of course no point in being interested if you cannot be genuine and sincere so be sure that your body language and eyes are actively listening, ask questions and try to interact within the situation. This can help relieve pressure as you will be occupied and active.

By showing interest you are showing that you have the ability to concentrate on a project that may not be your own. Again by acting in a certain way you are creating positive behaviors within yourself, further gaining skills as well as having confidence.

By having a can do attitude both with yourself and with others, you will become a more social and interesting person. If you believe that you can do anything that you have the skills to achieve and you have goals in place to do so then you have no reason to walk in shame. To walk in confidence to hold your head and know that you can tackle anything that comes to you because you area good person and because you deserve good things will make the difference between having confidence or not.

If you don't believe you are confident you won't be so change the way you think and your actions will have no choice but to change in time you will realize that you had confidence all along, you just didn't know it yet.

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