Ever see a beautiful woman from afar and having the desire to want to have a conversation with her and yet watched her walk out of your life forever? There are many thoughts that go through our head when we want to approach a woman.

"What do I say?"

"Should I use a pickup line?"

"Should I use the newest method that I read in a book or saw on a video?"

In today's information-packed, media-rich world there's a lot of information on the Internet on how to approach a woman and talk to her. Some of it is very useful and some of it is just bad advice. I think my friend Cindy said it best when she said, "Most men don't realize that women get hit on a lot by some real weirdos. Some of them try way too hard and others try to impress me with something materialistic. If a woman is mature, emotionally balanced, and is available you don't need to do any of that. Just go talk to her, be honest, calm, relaxed, and have a normal, natural conversation with her."

A lot of men don't realize that when they attempt to talk to a woman they are not being "natural". They fidget. They move their legs or their arms in unnatural ways. They move their bodies and their eyes very differently then if they were talking to a friend or someone they know. The woman knows you're not being yourself and you're not displaying any natural confidence. She immediately senses that you place higher social value to her and this causes her to lose attraction to you. So what do you do about this?

First, you should realize that having a natural conversation with a woman is something that anyone can learn how to do. Even if you are not the most social person in the world you can learn how to do this. Conversation, believe it or not, is a learned skill. Some people have had more practice than others which is why they seem to be so good at it.

I can usually tell how socially adept a man is by finding out how many times he leaves his home for social events, hobbies, and to meet new people. Sometimes we live in our own private world of family and friends and put up this wall to meeting new people, which severely limits our opportunities to meet women, move up in our careers or grow our business. As you can see, exercising your conversation muscles goes beyond the dating world.

So how do you get started, especially if you're not used to talking to women you've never met before? Well, the plan is simple, but it won't be easy. I used to be so shy that I couldn't even look a cute girl in the eye, let alone try and start a conversation with her. So what I did was I began making more eye contact with women for about a week. Then the following week I simply began saying "Hi" or "Hey, what's up?" or "Awesome weather today isn't it?" or some comment just to break the ice.

During those first couple of weeks I also researched events that were going on in my city in cities nearby. There's always some kind of food festival, fair, concert, play, etc. going on. I also made a list of everything that I was interested in and new things that I wanted to learn. I started taking salsa dance lessons (which is where I met and dated a couple of women), I joined Toastmasters, and a couple other activity groups. Now, I didn't join these things to meet and pick up women. I only joined these things to force myself out of the house and to practice my conversation skills.

If you want to have more natural conversations with women, then you simply need to practice. You'll be amazed at how easy it is even after just a week or two of doing it. You might see a group of women and simply walk up to them and say "Hey you look like a fun group, I had to come over and see if I was right. My name is Rod. How do you all know one another?"

If you stay calm, relaxed, and talk to them like they are human beings instead of goddesses, you'll do much better in the long run.

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With more than 4,000 approaches and hundreds of dates to his credit, Rod Cortez has helped thosuands of men in over 44 countries have more dating success. His website at http://thedatepro.com/ will quickly and effectively teach you why pick up lines and other such nonsense just doesn't work.