Are you living a happy, fulfilling life that provides you the fun and happy experiences you want? If not, why not?

I've come to understand that there are seven simple steps anyone can follow which will immediately lead to greater happiness and a heightened feeling of self fulfillment in your life. In this article, I'm going to focus on the seventh of these happiness steps -- and it's all about discovering how to have and make your life fun.

Happiness Step Number Seven: Choose To Have Fun

Yes, you read that right. You can choose to have fun. In fact, you can make the choice to start having fun right now.

Life doesn't have to be a grinding, energy draining, dog-eat-dog journey of trials and tribulations. Instead, it can be a fun, engaging set of experiences. But you have to decide that's what it's going to be.

Having fun is about choosing to make your life fun and you can do that by following 3 simple steps.

  1. Paint your own picture.

    Once you've made the decision to have fun with your life, that allows you free reign to paint your own picture. Where do you want to live? Who do you want to be? Who will you choose to be today? What are you going to try on today? When you approach life with the attitude that life is supposed to be fun, you suddenly find yourself unwilling to accept anything less. And you bring more of yourself into your current situation, regardless of your circumstances.

  2. Make your life an adventure.

    Once you've decided on what picture you are painting, turn your life into an adventure. Put pictures and notes to yourself representing you vision on your fridge or bathroom mirror and keep revisiting the vision. Imagine how the things you want are going to begin to show up and reveal themselves to you today. Embark on a great big treasure hunt as you move through the day, watching keenly for the clues that are there. Every time you see one, celebrate it. Write it down or take a picture. Keep track of how many clues you've found today. Do you want a new car? Watch for the very car you want -- the exact make, model, and color -- around you. Where might it show up? Is that it over there parked on the street corner. Terrific! I'm so on purpose that the car I want has just presented itself to me. I wonder where else it's going to show up. Hey, I know ... why don't I take a test drive?

  3. You tend to regret the things you didn't do.

    At the end of your life, you want to be able to look back fondly on all of the things you accomplished, not look back with regret on the things you didn't do. So what do you feel like doing? It's pretty simple, really. If it feels good and is moral and ethical, then do it. Make a game out of your life. How many things that I really want to do today can I fit in and around my obligations? Keep score. See if you can experience more things today than yesterday. See if you can find more clues that you're on your purpose than yesterday.

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Warren Wojnowski is an avid student of personal growth and self improvement. He is a respected writer, teacher and Intrinsic Coach® who is very willing to share what he's learned (or still learning), what's working, and what isn't. Warren says "If you have an aspect of your life in which you feel stuck, whether in your life or your business, I can help you get back on track and start living the life you want".