A network marketing duplication system - it will guarantee you success if you'll just follow the system... how often have you heard that statement?

So why do over 95% of MLM'ers fail in this business? Is it the network marketing system which has failed them? No sir, in most cases the system is great but failure has more than likely resulted from what is known as human nature.

The concept of network marketing works on the principle of duplication. Duplicate the system and the results will follow. Problem is, most MLM'ers get the system confused with their upline. What do I mean by this?

Simply put, a system is duplicable but people are not. Get this and you will get an idea of why so many people fail in this business. The best analogy for a successful system is McDonalds. You've probably heard the story a million times. The burgers produced probably aren't the best in the world but the reason McDonalds is so successful is because of the system put in place which is duplicated right around the world. It works and it gets results.

People are not duplicable. Many distributors fall for the trap of trying to be like their sponsor, upline or some MLM superstar from years gone by. They put these people on a pedestal and see them as some sort of guru. This is a big mistake.

Sure, your upline is important in helping you achieve the results you're after but if you ignore the network marketing duplication system put in place and instead, try to imitate what someone else is doing who is not following the system then you are doomed to failure.

So you're asking... shouldn't you mold yourself around successful people? Well yes, but if this success wasn't built around the successful system put in place in your current circumstance, then why go against something which is producing results. Just give it a chance.

When I started with a company in 2001 I joined a group who rigidly followed an MLM system which produced fast growth. From the prospecting to the follow up training, every one was encouraged to stick to the plan. I did, and grew my downline in quick fashion; at least in network marketing terms.

The prospecting tools included the initial flyer, followed by an information pack designed to pre qualify prospects and when they joined my business they were put throught a six week focus group as part of their training. It continually amazed me how this duplicable system kept getting results.

It also amazed and confounded me when people wanted to alter the system such as removing items from the information pack because they didn't like them. You can guess the result.

A network marketing duplication system may come in many different forms across many different companies but it's the core essence of building a strong and sustainable MLM business.

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