It takes not two, but one to make a marriage work. It just needs you to believe that the solution to your problem lies within the boundaries of your marriage and that divorce is not an option.

You may not be the one who wants to get out but that does not mean that you are helpless.

You need to look at the relationship from a completely different perspective. You need to believe in your ability to sort the differences. If your partner has not been as faithful as you would like him or her to be, you should not start thinking that there is something wrong with you or that there is nothing you can do about it.

When you entertain such thoughts, they bring about a vibration within and around you that will support these thoughts. This is a scientific truth of life. It does not involve any amount of meditation or therapy. Neither am I asking you to ignore the situation.

Instead, I want you to know that with the application of simple scientific theories, you can dramatically change the way you live. Motivation, counselling and therapies can only do so much but knowing the truth about your abilities will increase your conviction tremendously.

If you were to recall the lessons you studied back in school about atoms and physics, you would remember the fact that everything is made of atoms. All matter coexist in various states, that form the entire Universe. Every fibre in your body is made up of atoms too, making you a vital part of this cosmic realm.

Therefore, your abilities as a part of creation lies much beyond your physical self. Your subconscious mind is capable of tuning into the frequency of just about any other element outside your body.

Your subconscious mind churns out hundreds of thoughts each day, which are sent out into your conscious mind as a channel of atoms. Everything that you are was created from this process. It all began as thoughts.

So, the outcome of every thought manifests; bringing about situations that may or may not be to your liking. The good news is, you are the master of your thoughts and life. You can choose what you want
in life by simply programing your thoughts. If you really desire a lasting marriage with your spouse, you can program your subconscious mind to think of positive thoughts. You need to eliminate all doubts, suspicions and misunderstandings from your mind.

Refuse to allow negative circumstances to divert your flow of thought and focus only on the result that you want. Gradually, you will notice the changes and I can assure you that if you really put your heart and mind to it, you will succeed in saving your marriage and relationship.

Those atoms get to work the moment you send out these thoughts and they channel all the energy into bringing about your desired result, no matter what they are. It is not a motivational tactic, but a scientific theory that has existed since creation.

These theories are not bizarre or complex to the common man. They are simple laws of science that every curriculum teaches.If you think my article has stirred your interest, I would like to welcome you to visit my blog at where I will be discussing on various aspects of these theories regularly.

Author's Bio: 

Sheeba Riyas is an author,motivational speaker and founder of UToL, the revolutionary scientific personal development platform.

Having studied and researched the complex structures of scientific theories such as the Chaos Theory and Quantum Physics, she is reaching out to thousands of people from all walks of life in an effort to bring out the best in each person.

UToL goes beyond motivation and self development. It reveals the real person within the biological infrastructure that connects one to the Universe.