It would be a rare thing to find someone that would tell you they don't want to be wealthy. It is the rare person that will tell you that success is not something they are concerned with. Most people, when asked if they want to be wealthy would answer a resounding "YES," to that question. If that is the case, if so many people want to be wealthy and successful why aren't they? The answer is in their head.

That may surprise you, but the simple fact is that there is a difference between saying "Yes I want to be wealthy," and actually thinking wealthy. The power to success and wealth lies between your ears. Your brain, your mind, the way you think is the only thing standing between you and the success you claim you want. If success and wealth is truly what you want, then we must change the way you think.

If you had the opportunity to talk with Donald Trump and ask him if he ever worried about not having money he would tell you, "No." That is a thought that is never in his head. He doesn't worry about losing his wealth, he isn't worried about paying his bills, and he isn't worried. He knows that he has money; he knows he will always have money and the only thing that enters his mind is ways to make more money. Now you may be saying, "Naturally he doesn't worry about money. He has a lot of it." Yes he does, but if you think he's been worrying about the same things you do, you are wrong.

The Law of Attraction tells us that whatever we think about we manifest. The key to getting what we want out of life is to think concisely and precisely about what it is we want, do not waste your energy or time thinking about the thing you don't want. The universe isn't interested in what you don't want. The universe hears and feels the energy you put out there and then sends back to you that same energy.

So if you are thinking that you don't want bills in the mail, the universe responds to wanting bills. The negative is irrelevant, so it sends you more bills. Keeping in mind that people define wealth and success differently, the Law of Attraction doesn't care how you define them. All that matters is the way you think about them. There are four simple steps for you to follow to use the power of the Law of Attraction to help you manifest the wealth you are after. First and foremost, you must be grateful for what you have. If you can't appreciate the things and people you have in your life right now, you will never appreciate anything.

Secondly you need to think about what it is you want out of life. Do not think about what you don't want, only about the things you want. If you want money, think about the money and exact amount of money and then believe the money is yours. That brings us to the third and fourth steps - believe without a doubt that the things you want in life, which you are going to have, they are already yours. Finally, visualize the things you want. Spend ten minutes a couple times a day seeing those things that you want. Picture yourself having them. This helps increase the power of the energy you are putting out there, and the universe will then respond to you with the same power and intensity.

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