Do you just use the Internet to shop, do research or play games? Are you looking for a job while occasionally seeing employment ads that want you to E-mail your resume? Would you like to communicate with others electronically while helping the environment and saving money on postage costs? Has the thought of making extra money online crossed your mind? If you plan to enter the job market or increase your opportunities to make more money and enhance the quality of your life, you must have an E-mail address. Let me teach you how to open an E-mail account and maximize your use of it.

The first thing you must do is sign up for an E-mail account. A great E-mail services site to try is Once you see the site’s interface, or main web page, click the “Sign Up” button.

After you click this button, a screen will appear showing a “Sign in information” section and an “Account Information” section. When you see the “Sign in information” section, do not give up on the process thinking you already have to possess a username and password. You are merely supposed to type in the username and password you want to use. When you make it to the “Email Address” line, type in the E-mail address you want to use. It is a good idea to choose a password that has at least one capital letter and one number for security purposes.

Protect your private information. To lower your risk for becoming an identity theft victim now or down the road when you dispose of your computer, never check the “Save information” or “Remember my password” button even if you own your computer. When you are finished looking at your E-mail, click the “Log Out” button.

Protect your job. If you ever have access to the Internet at work, do not use the Internet or send E-mail messages for personal use. Even if there is no written policy forbidding this, you could jeopardize your chances for getting a promotion because you could portray yourself as an employee who is not professional.

Use your E-mail wisely when you apply for a job. Use an E-mail address that sounds professional – it is okay to use an address that has your real name in it. When you submit your resume and cover letter by E-mail, follow the instructions of the employment ad closely. Unless you are instructed to submit your resume as an attachment, you should just copy and paste it into the message box. The subject line of your message should indicate you are replying to a specific ad or applying for a specific position. Never use a subject line in which all letters are capitalized.

You should look at your junk folder daily because not every message you want to see will always reach your inbox, or “desired messages” folder. To speed up your time deleting the messages in your junk folder, click the top check box to delete multiple messages instead of clicking the box for each individual message. To reduce the amount of time you spend looking at your junk folder pages, scan your way down the page looking at the name of the sender instead of the subject line for each message – this especially comes in handy when a particular sender or spammer sends several messages containing a different message header. Never click the “Empty junk” button because that will automatically delete every message in your entire folder instead of just deleting the messages for a particular page you are currently viewing.

To keep messages from senders you like landing in your junk folder, click “Not Spam” or “Add to White List” after you open a message from someone you want to receive mail from. To set preferences for how you receive messages or open an address book that holds the E-mail addresses of your friends, click “Options”. When you participate in paid surveys E-mailed to you from sites you are registered with, you should use Mozilla Firefox instead of Internet Explorer because Internet Explorer often crashes and you will lose your chance to earn your incentive if Internet Explorer crashes while you take a survey. You can download Firefox for free. If you need to include attachments sometimes, set up an account at

Follow these steps to open an E-mail account and get the most out of your time spent using your E-mail account!

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