We finished Part One of the article saying that the Law of Attraction advises you to do three simple things: First you need to be grateful for what you have. No, you may not have everything that you want, but if you aren't grateful for the things you do have, you aren't appreciating what the Universe has supplied to you so far.

Second, the Law of Attraction tells you that you need be concise and precise on what it is you want. Don't think about what is it you don't want, in other words stop thinking I want to pay off my bills. The message that is sent out by your mind to the universe is that you want bills, because the "bills" is where your focus is. Don't focus on being debt free, again the focus is on the debt. Instead focus on the money, how much money you want, and then live as if you have that money. I have tried the experiment of going to the mailbox everyday believing that there would be checks in the mail I never thought about bills, I did this for about three weeks. Every day I went to the mailbox expecting to get checks and in that three week time frame, I did receive about $1500 in checks, gift cards and rebates.

The third thing that Law of Attraction tells you to do is to visualize what it is you want. If it is that promotion at work, see yourself getting that promotion. Spend about 10 minutes a couple times a day visualizing what it is you want, believe that it is coming to you, know that it is yours. Let go of any doubts you have, do not let any negative thoughts enter your head you have no time for those types of thoughts; you are on the path to success.

To attract success, you must live as if success is yours. Do not get egotistical; remember that you must be gracious about what it is you have. Successful people don't worry about not having money; they do not worry about what if a deal falls through. Successful people know that they are successful and will continue to be successful and they are grateful for what they have and where they are. The definition of success varies from person to person, the key is for you to define exactly what success is to you, be grateful for what it is you currently have and now that only good things are coming to you from now on.

One more thing to remember, which should be obvious but is often overlooked, is that you need to take action. The law of attraction mustn't be taken as an excuse to inactivity. Without action you won't manifest what you want.

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