Dating is still very popular online though many experts have promised its retention. Nowadays many new sites have appeared and new communities have been organized for various types of people.

So you can see that there are still lots of spheres you can cover with your Dating Site! Moreover, a functional Dating Software is becoming more and more important due to the growing competency of your site users. Nowadays, people who use Dating and Social Networking Sites expect a certain level of functionality at your site and in addition to it you should entertain your users!

We are sure that any Dating or Social Networking Software should be flexible and customizable with a set of pre-expected features and new ideas to work with!

That’s why probably searching through software vendors you might single out Dating Pro by Pilot Group! We would like to mention that 15 May, 2008 Pilot Group has released a new version of PG Dating Pro Software!

It has flexible code and extended functionality, qualified support and constant updates. Dating Pro May 2008 has new User account option that allows using money on different site services and opens up multiple marketing possibilities on monetizing your Dating Site auditory. Powerful banner section will allow you putting banners on different site pages and check banners statistics in Administration Mode!

When we target different niche markets, we need different payment systems to make the process easy and comfortable. Now PG Dating Pro Software has 15 payment systems integrated and Multi language interface. Pay Point has just been added to a list! Pay Point is the leading cash and internet payments company in the UK and Ireland, handling in excess of £6 billion in over 470 million transactions annually for more than 5,000 clients and merchants.

Dating Pro Team is always opened for new ideas and glad to announce that they continue developing PG Dating Software taking into account marketing and SEO values, services aspects. Professional managers do all to let clients profit with their Dating Sites from the first day of having their site online! Thus Google XMl site map feature has been integrated and a possibility to track user pages in search engines was added!

Pilot Group is always opened for your suggestions and dating industry innovations. Clear understanding that design is very important now and software code is made highly comprehensible and easy to edit to match your business ideas! We’re sure only a special design, functionality and business idea will survive at Dating Industry market nowadays. And the duty of any Software vendor is to provide their clients reliable flexible software with all features possible and excellent support and additional services to launch an extraordinary site! This what Pilot Group does every day and PG Dating Pro is one of brilliant examples of this practice!


Author's Bio: 

Julia Dorofeeva , Support and sales director specializing in Matchmaking Site webdevelopment