Is your relationship with your cat suffering from a lack of good behavior on your cat's part? Do you want a to fix your cat's behavior problems? What people don't know is that a cat needs behavior training just as much as dogs do. Cat's are trainable contrary to popular belief.

Don't be alarmed. This is not a complicated process. Cats are smart animals and learn quickly with the right training program. While cats are independent and stubborn at times this is true, however if you can learn to understand your cat and use their resistance to change to your advantage you can train your cat in no time. First thing to know about your cat is that they learn through experiences. Anything they enjoy and find pleasant is what they end up repeating and will avoid any negative unpleasant experience at all costs.

The question people still have is if cats are so easily trained then why are so many cats still untrained? The simple answer is: People are simply making giant mistakes when training their cats. They are going against a cats' natural learning process. They are rewarding a cat for bad behavior and doing nothing for good behavior. For example: If your cat is meowing and you end up stopping the meowing with a tasty treat or some attention. This has just taught your cat the excessive meowing gets them loves and treats so they end up meowing more often.

This is why some many cat owners end up confused, and irritated when they see their cat's behavior getting worse and not better. Another mistake cat owners make is using punishment to train your cat like using a spray bottle to spray your cat when they are doing something wrong. Spraying your cat doesn't make them associate the spraying with the negative behavior just to you. They'll end up being afraid of you whenever you're holding the bottle.

What is the right way to train your cat? One of the most common cat behavior problems to is their cat is not using the litter box. To fix this you needs to get rid of any unpleasantness that might be around the litter box. Since cats value their privacy the first thing to do is put their litter box in a quiet and private place. Also, to let them have their own litter box that no other cats or dogs use. Since cats are clean animals they also refuse to use a dirty litter box. Their litter box needs to be kept clean in order for them to use it.

If your problem is cat scratching then your problem is not the cat scratching it's where they scratch. It's natural for your cat to scratch and because of this can not be trained not to. They scratch things when they are stressed out, need to groom their claws, and when marking their territory. To stop your cat from scratching your furniture and other belonging you will need to get them a scratching post or anything else that they can scratch on instead.

After knowing this you and your cats relationship is easy to save. Remember to avoid punishing your poor cat. It doesn't do you any good and only makes them afraid of you. Then remember that they love attention. There's a rumor that cat's don't like attention. This is wrong! Cat's are naturally independent but still have feeling and love to be loved. Your cat will do anything for you to give them a little love. Just don't give it to them when they are doing something bad. *Important: Your cat may be misbehaving because they don't feel well and this is the only way they know to get your attention. Take them to the vet to rule out any medical conditions before implementing any form of training.

Take a little time to understand your cat. It will strengthen your relationship with them and keep their behavior under control.

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