Gratitude and the Law of Attraction work to create abundance in your life, even when you do not know how this principle works. Knowing how this principle works is to be using the Law of Attraction to actively create a life that is truly prosperous and in harmony with the universe.

The Law of Attraction is not just a metaphysical idea; it is also a theory that has been proven to work. Science has discovered through quantum physics that there is a very real law of nature, bringing back to use what we think about.

We create our lives through our thoughts and feelings being answered. What we send out is returned back to us in kind. This is the science of manifestation at work.

People that live out their lives experiencing poverty and scarcity usually will broadcast these needy expressions in negative ways. Like attracts like, therefore, the universal consciousness that we are all a part of sends back to us more of the same. Just as positive affirmations and states of mind return to us the same. This helps to answer why some of us believe that our glass is half empty, and others experience their glass as half full.

To begin using the Law of Attraction to work for us in positive ways is to take control of our lives and understand how to best use this power we all have within us.

Expressing gratefulness is creating a gratitude Law of Attraction state of mind. To be grateful is to think positive and feel positive. You cannot express true gratitude without feeling emotionally grateful. Being thankful for everything that comes to you is to accept your life the way it is, realizing that everything that has come to you is because you created it. This may not have been your conscious intent, but this is the life you created.

Sometimes gratitude comes in steps. Making a list of things you are thankful for being in your life helps you to create a more positive energy within you. It also helps to begin surrounding yourself with people that are upbeat and positive.

By reflecting positive affirmations of gratitude, you begin to change your inner world to one of lighter, higher vibrational energy that will be broadcasted to the universe. Then the Law of Attraction will answer this by changing your outer world to reflect your inner, positive state of mind.

This may sound corny, or too simple of an idea, but this is the way the universe works. Old thought patterns that we have established over time can be easy to slip back into again. When changing our life in positive ways, staying on course with an attitude of gratitude can seem difficult. In time, this new pattern establishes itself and becomes you.

When you begin making affirmation statements to yourself, you will begin to manifest a life of happiness and abundance by being grateful. Begin telling yourself that you are grateful for having money in your life. This will affirm things that are already present in your life and create more of it. Even if you only have a dollar to your name, expressing gratitude for this money will begin to bring more of the same.

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