So how do we go about using the Law of Attraction in our lives? This is where I believe ‘Cosmic Ordering’ comes in. The Law of Attraction is the theory; ‘Cosmic Ordering’ is the practise.

If you read all the books, there are many ways to do cosmic ordering. Some people light candles on the night of a full moon and create a whole ritual around it. Some people just shout out to the Universe whatever it is they want, and some do something in between. For myself, I’ve found it best to keep things fairly simple. I don’t agree with making a big fuss about it, but I do feel you have to take it seriously (depending on the ‘order’ of course.) Some things I may just say aloud to the Universe “Can we have an efficiently working computer today, please!” but I feel that actual ‘things’ or big situations need handling a bit differently.

I have created a ‘Universal Ordering Book’ for myself. I just found a pretty, blank notebook and I’ve typed up the forms and sheets and stuck them in. That way I could use a pretty typeface and make it look good. (The actual orders I hand-write in as I go along.) At the front of the book on the inside left I’ve stuck in a sheet, which I call ‘Terms and Conditions’. Here I have put “I ask that all these things or better come in wonderful ways and for the benefit of all.” This allows for something even better than I had imagined coming along, allows it to come in wonderful ways, and also ensures that everyone will benefit from my orders. Of course, you can create your own ‘Terms and Conditions’.

On the front right and the next few pages, I’ve created tables with three columns each. The first (widest) column is labelled ‘Order’, the second column is labelled ‘Send By’ and the third column is labelled ‘Order Received’. In the first column I write my ‘orders’ i.e. “A new mobile phone.” In the second column I write a date when I would like to receive the order by (usually just the month and year, or asap if it’s urgent.) The third column I only fill in when my order has been delivered. I put a date in there and a glittery star or heart sticker to acknowledge receipt of my order after it’s arrived.

In the middle of the book, I’ve created another sheet. This one’s called my ‘Gratitude Sheet’. On it I’ve put “I willingly accept all of these wonderful things with a grateful heart and give thanks for the good they bring and for their presence in my life.” You could write your own ‘gratitude statement’. Then I’ve created another table. This is my ‘Orders Fulfilled’ table. This one only has two columns, ‘Item’ and ‘Date Order Received’. In here, I write whenever something wonderful or unexpected happens or when I receive an order. Sometimes wonderful things come about which we haven’t even ordered and it’s lovely to acknowledge and be grateful for those too.

At the back of the book, I’ve written a page about my main order. I’ve written it as if it were already manifested and written down all the reasons I feel excited, happy, etc., and what I am doing now that I have fulfilled my dream. You use this section to describe the kind of life you want to live. Remember to phrase it positively. You want to be asking for what you do want, not what you don’t want, otherwise the Universe will simply deliver that. The point of these pages is to help you get clear about what you really want and enable you to give thanks that it’s now on its way to you.

Once your book is set up you can begin filling it. Begin with small orders first and watch your confidence grow as you achieve them. Write your order as if you were ordering it from a catalogue i.e. ‘Good health always’ etc. then put the date you wish to receive it. Remember, that you’re asking for “This, or something better” so the Universe may decide to send your order sooner or later than you requested. Don’t worry about this. Just put your approximate date. And don’t begin by ordering too much at once. Just stick to a few simple things to start with. Remember, this ordering is not just for ‘goods’. You can ask for information, guidance, even help with relationships or health. If you’re having doubts, you could ask for faith in the process or even that your cosmic ordering always be successful!

If you make your book really beautiful you will enjoy looking at it each morning and evening and this will help to reinforce your intentions and remind you of your orders.

When an order ‘arrives’ put a bright sticker or big tick next to it and then add it to the gratitude table as well. Also add any other lovely things that happen to you there. When you read this through, you will feel good knowing that great things are happening for you and it will reinforce your ability to allow things into your life and enhance your ordering potential.

I also like to add another step… Writing things down neatly in my Universal Order Book, appeals to my left-logical brain, but I’ve also got a cork board and on it I stick, write, draw, and print out pictures of my desires too. That way, I’m appealing to my right-intuitive brain as well which loves colour and imagery. My board sits in front of my desk so that when I’m working, I can look up at it and imagine myself receiving the lovely things on it. That way, I’m constantly aware of how the Universe is working for me to help bring my desires into my life.

Now leaf through your book once or twice a day, look at your board, and you’ll have a constant reminder of all the good the Universe is sending you. Try and get the ‘feeling’ that what you want is on it’s way. Become excited at the prospect. It’s the ‘feeling’ that helps create your desires as much as anything.

Once you’ve placed your order be willing to act on any ‘hunches’ or ideas you have. A general rule about this is, if it feels good and right, do it.

And please don’t give up. Too many people wait ages for things, then, just when the Universe is about to deliver, they give up and proclaim, “This stuff doesn’t work.” Well, guess what happens next! Yes, you’re right. It doesn’t work!

Take the attitude that the things in your life now are a result of your past thoughts and that, from today, you will gradually begin to change your thoughts and ideas to more positive, uplifting ones. And as each ‘order’ manifests itself for you you’ll become more and more positive and happy, which, in turn, will create more and more positivity and happiness. Ad infinitum!

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