One of the most common "screw-ups" when it comes to the successful use of the Law of Attraction is believing in scarcity. Believing that you better grab a piece of the pie because there is only one pie and that is not enough for everybody!

It starts as a young child, especially if you have siblings. Your parents' bring out the dessert, everyone grabs and then it is gone. It is at that moment fear steps in and the thought comes..."What if I don't grab soon enough? I won't get any dessert. There will not be enough for me." That "scarcity thought" comes over and over again. Your best friend gets a wonderful boyfriend and somewhere inside you think, "Bummer, now there won't be enough good boyfriends for me."

Our culture is set up with a scarcity mind-set. That is what advertising is all about, making us feel like there isn't enough so we need to run out and buy while we can. Many of us feel resentment towards those more successful then us. There is the feeling that because they have we can't have. It is all used up.
Keeping this mindset will make sure that we attract more lack, more scarcity. When we focus on what we don't have we get more "don't have." Let's stop this craziness and create a mindset of abundance.

How do you create a belief of abundance? Begin by simply being grateful. Look around you and notice what you are thankful for. Look inside you and be grateful for all you are, for the amazing body that you have. Everyday have an attitude of thankfulness.

Often the workplace can be a place of scarcity. People are afraid to help coworkers too much for fear of losing their competitive edge. "If I tell others what I do to be successful then they will do it and there is not enough success to go around!" The fact is there is plenty of success to go around. We get ahead by cooperating and building networks of people who help each other get ahead. Look around at work. How can you be helpful to your coworkers? How can you demonstrate an abundance mindset? Then watch how you feel as you give freely. You may feel a poke of fear as if you are "giving away the farm." Just observe that feeling and then remind yourself that the Universe is abundant and always creating new opportunities.

The definition of the Law of Attraction is: "You get what you think about." More clearly stated, "You get what you feel about." What if everyone is feeling great things about money? (They aren't but let's just pretend!) Would we have a scarcity of money? No! The Universe is abundant and with that focus more would be created.

Play with this idea... There is enough of everything you want. Rejoice whenever you see success and realize that there is plenty more where that came from. When you see someone richer then you, more successful then you, more...whatever, take a minute to think or if you are brave enough say it out loud, "Thank you for your success because you are showing me that I can do that to. There is plenty for both of us!"

As you let this abundance idea sink in you will be filled with joy and freedom knowing there is plenty. You can create whatever you wish and there will be enough for all. You can support others freely. You can relax. You can be at peace.

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