Visualizing has become a part of me. Perhaps this is because I have been learning how to visualize ever since I was young. Through reading novels, watching television and writing in my journal, I have trained my mind to see or create things I want to see in my life.

However, not everyone finds it easy. Sometimes, the pressure of work or school makes the mind weary and unable to concentrate. If you’re one of those who are having a bit of trouble learning how to visualize, then this article is for you. Allow me to share what years of practice have taught me.


The first thing you must do is clear your mind of any unnecessary worries. If you’re in a very busy environment, simply relax and take your mind away from the place.

Close your eyes and be aware of your body - your hands, your feet, your shoulders… this is the best way you can learn how to visualize.

When you’re relaxed, your mind becomes more positive and accepting of your dreams. Once you master this first step, everything else will follow.

Post Pictures Of What You Want.

If you want to move to a bigger and better apartment, you can cut out pictures of the kind of home you want and post it up in your cubicle or in your room. Make sure you can see it everyday.

If you can’t visualize exactly what kind of place you want to move in, seeing real-life pictures of something close to it will greatly help you. This way, you will always remember the kind of place you really want to move into. Wherever you go, visualizing it will be almost automatic.

Do Not Be Afraid.

Lastly, do not be afraid to ask for the things you really want. At some point, you might begin to feel that you don’t deserve such a house or that with your income, such a thing is not possible. This kind of thinking will only weaken the results of your visualization.

Learning how to visualize means being honest and proud with what you really want in life. Don’t limit your imagination. You might be surprised to see that the things you previously considered as unattainable is within your reach.

Learning and mastering how to visualize is just the first stage for getting what you want. What comes next are opportunities that will lead you to whatever it is you have visualized over and over in your head. Open your eyes and mind, and you will soon find yourself earning the fruits of your visualization.

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