How To Write a Thank You Note - 6 Tips To Truly Communicate Your Heartfelt Appreciation

Learning how to write a thank you note is easy and a great way to communicate your appreciation in all your relationships with friends, family, and even co-workers. Many people know how to write a thank you note, but there is a way to put your heart into a short thank you note that is rarely used. With these six tips, you will discover not only the basics of how to write a thank you note, but also you will feel the joy of expressing true gratitude.

1) Do not procrastinate.

Send your thank you note as soon as possible. For job interviews, send them the same day. Personal thank you notes are more forgiving. It is rarely too late to share your gratitude, but the longer you wait the less likely you are to do it and the more likely someone somewhere is feeling unappreciated.

2) Send it the old-fashioned way in the mail.

Some say it is okay to send it via E-mail. Once again, something is better than nothing, if you want to learn how to write a thank you note and be a master remember this tip. Nothing beats a lovely card, note or letter in the mail. It is not only proper etiquette, it a classy way to show your appreciation.

3) Hand-write your note.

When learning how to write thank you a thank you note, many reach for their laptop. That is fine, but try something different. Connect with your heart and pick up your pen--even for business notes. Typing is faster, but a neatly written note on stationary or in a nice card has the personal human touch of appreciation that every person is longing for.

4) Be specific, positive and honest.

Mention exactly what you are thanking them for and why you appreciate it. This is not the time to critique the gift, it is the time to be appreciative. No need to lie. You can always be thankful for the thought.

5) Be brief and to the point.

It's fine if you want to catch up, but you can do that in another letter or in a phone call. Thank yous are all about appreciating the sender. Here are the basic parts to every thank you:

• Salutation ex. Dear ___________
• Thank you for the ________.
• A sentence complimenting the particular gift.
* A sentence complimenting it's sender and/or a sentence mentioning the use of the gift.
• Thank again.
• Sincerely, your name

That is all there is to it. But there is a great way to do it and an okay way to put these parts in action. So to really master how to write a thank you note, follow this next tip.

6) Use the word "You" more than the word "I."

You can never go wrong in communicating appreciation if you focus on the sender by writing "you" more than" I." Naturally, people use the first person, "I" and that is okay. But this article is teaching you how to write a thank you note that conveys the essence of true gratitude-not just a note that shows you are a good writer. If you remember nothing else of this article remember this tip for any occasion that calls for appreciation. Use the words "you" and "yours" more than the words: I, me, my and mine.

Example of How To Write a Thank You Note the Traditional Way

Dear Maggie,

I just love the cuddly blanket you gave me at my baby shower. You have a gift for finding the most adorable things. I can't wait to bundle my little girl in the blanket. I just know she will love it. Thanks for making my baby shower such a special day.


Notice how often the writer refers to herself in this short note. The words, "I," "me" and "my" appear a total of 7 times. The word "you" is only mentioned twice, and the most powerful phrases in the English language that would mention the gift give, "thank you" is never used.

Here is an Example of How to Write A Thank You Note That Reflects the Appreciation that is in Your Heart

Dear Maggie,

Thank you for the cuddly blanket. You have a gift for finding the most adorable things. When my baby girl is wrapped in the warmth of your thoughtful present, I will think be sure to think of you and all of your well wishes for my growing family. Your presence at the shower made the day that much more special. Thanks again.



Note the difference. There is twice as much focus on the sender rather than the writer.

No matter what you write or how you write it, you can never be wrong if you are saying thank you. Yes, there are more powerful words to elicit an even more favorable response, but do not be worry that you do not know how to write a thank you note. Just find the place in your heart you use to count your blessings and say thank you. You will discover the more you show your appreciation, the more things you have to be grateful for.

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