It has become very clear to me as I discuss the law of attraction with people as part of my personal development coaching events that when I ask “What is success for you? Or “What do you really want from life?” Many people just don’t know and don’t know how to even start down the pathway to wealth creation that they feel is the answer to this question. I ask you “Do you know what you want?”

Personal development is designed to sharpen your senses and defining your direction. You have to get past the mind set of “wishing” it would happen and get to focused actions. Life is full of barriers that the world will throw at you and there are the one’s that you build for yourself, your inner self doubts “I can’t do that” or “You want me to do what?” These barriers must all be overcome. The mind set must be of success – whatever that means to you, because if we don’t find the inspiration to do something, you’ll do nothing but wishing for something. Doing nothing gets you no where; it’s as simple as that.

We need to use personal development and the law of attraction (as it’s intended as a tools, not as an answer) to focus on the personal & interpersonal skills and wealth creation strategies, that underpin any success story. May be your looking to start an investment programme, buy and sell shares, or start your own business. It doesn’t matter what the activity is, if the mindset is not where it has to be then you will flounder on the “what if’s”. May be your right in the middle of it - struggling to keep your head above water, realising your going broke gracefully through what you’re doing. We must concentrate on our goal setting at all levels from what we will do this hour, this day this week this month and this year. Without the goals there is no direction, no urgency to progress. You all know how much work you get done just before you go on leave, the clear the deck syndrome. If we worked just half as efficiently as we do when we have a reward such as a holiday in front of us we would achieve so much more with our lives. So is it to hard to set rewards for goals that are met? so that we do gain the added drive. Successful people set these rewards as part of there goals. They plan holidays and events a full year in advance not as last minute events.

We need to take charge and use our resources such as the law of attraction to build the wealth creation from a wish list to a life style. We are talking about where we want to get to. How you are going to get there. We need to talk about how you can identify and maximise opportunities in ways that best suit you and who you are. We must get past the doubts and limitation of our current thinking. You have to shed the doubts of our passed learning and what others have and will tell us about what we can or can’t do. You have to think and believe and work your way to success. Use the law of attraction to set the goals, build your belief system, and manifest the results and to live the dreams from wealth creation. Financial certainty will never be there; all things carry a risk, so accept there is a risk and enjoy the stimulation that the risk induces within you, the sharpening of your observations, the adrenalin rush.

If your serious about your success – wanting to make breakthroughs in your life then set your goals, involve those around you in your direction for life and bring them with you, build from their support and share with them the successes that you achieve with each milestone that your reach.

I sometimes think that knowledge and higher education can be overrated because life has shown me what I didn’t learn at school (but wish I had) has been of greater use in my wealth creation. I know many people who are very well educated wear the right school tie, mix in the best circles and know a lot about business or investments – but they haven’t built significant wealth, a business or even successful careers. To top it off some of them actually go so far as to write books, run courses and do presentations to tell others how to build wealth based on their education not experience of actually doing it. This is a real example of the spectator telling the sportsman how to play the game.

For any success in wealth creation there are fundamentals that must be achieved. Without any one of these fundamental not being achieved, then any success will be short lived. We have all seen business start grow and fold. The statistics show that nine out of ten business fold in the first year. Nine out of ten that pass the first year fail in the next two years and only five out of ten that remain will last for ten years. Many successful companies will fold while they seem to be ploughing ahead. What are the fundamentals I hear you asking? The three that I put at the top are as follows

1. There’s stuff you need to Know
2. There’s stuff you need to Believe
3. There’s stuff you have to Do

No single fundamental is higher than the other. They all hold equal weight

What makes the difference between people who become ultra-wealthy and people who never make the grade? First, ultra-wealthy people always start companies. At some point, working for other people is no longer letting them achieve the success they were destined for. Second, the ultra-rich always invest in shares and real estate as they provide the greatest returns and enable tax minimization or tax free income streams. The third point is there is no other investment like a balanced investment portfolio. Over time, despite ups and downs, it outperforms all other investments. Remember that “Financial Security” is the biggest health cure available to western society.

Together, with a little work, you are going to make yourself rich. Set your goals, remembering to use the law of attraction, manifest the goals, live the goals as if they were already there and when they are there, stop and enjoy them. Give gratitude that you have what you have and above all else give to others so that the abundance reaches out to all of mankind.

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Ken Triat has a master’s degree in Business Administration. Currently reviewing personal development centred around the power of the mind using the Law of Attraction.
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