No matter where you work or who your office mates are, nothing can change the fact that stress will be one of the main issues you will have to deal with. The only thing you can change is the way that you take towards stress.

If you are equipped with the proper skills and attitude, you will find that it is actually quite easy to beat workplace stress.

If you wait to deal with stress until you can't stand it anymore. Until you feel like you are about to lose you mind it can be too late. Excessive high levels of stress cause serious health issues.

Knowing this alone should motivate you to get up and do something about workplace stress. But where do you start?

Stress in nothing more than a negative emotion that prevents you from accomplishing as much as you can in the office. What you should do is to redirect your emotions into a positive path, making you more productive at work.

These are a few ways to defeat workplace stress:

1. Each time you feel that you are about to get stressed out, pause for a minute and take 10 deep, long breaths of fresh air. If possible, excuse yourself from the room and take a few seconds to recompose yourself. It may sound too simple but once you try it, you will realize just how effective this method can be.

2. Another good way to relieve a little stress is when you are feeling stressed out, get out a piece of paper and write down what you're feeling at that time. Why how you feel and what makes you feel this way. After you get it all on paper, take the paper and tear it up. Then toss it into the trash. This is like throwing away your stress. Plus, writing it down is a good way to vent.

3. Again when you feel stress coming on stop what you're doing and imagine a peaceful place. A place that makes you happy. It can be anywhere you favorite vacation spot or just in your backyard looking at your garden. Imagine yourself there until you come back to zen. Then you can continuing working.

4. When you are full of stress it's not the best idea to play hard or heavy metal rock, rap, or punk. These lyrics are negative and songs about being heartbroken and angry are not going to help. If those are your favorite types of music then listen to them when you are in a good mood. At this time try classical or soft music.

5. Employ self-motivation techniques. The most popular of these is the recitation of relevant affirmations to convince yourself of your ability to eliminate stress. You can also read a passage from the bible, or perhaps a line from your favorite inspirational poem. Any phrase that has a positive message would be a good way of keeping yourself from being overcome by stress at work.

As you can see, these are very simple ways to beat stress in the office. You don't need to make major changes in your work routine just to perform these stress-release methods. You can even do them without having to leave your desk, and without anyone noticing anything different.

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