As you know, building your list is extremely important. A targeted list of subscribers will help you get more clients, sell more information products and create an extremely profitable online business.

Here are five best techniques for building your list:

- Social Networking. Social networking web sites, such as Twitter, Facebook and others are extremely popular right now. This means that your target market is using Twitter and Facebook and other social networking web sites right now!

You should also start using the social networking web sites where your target market participates. When you get started, you will need to create a profile page on each social networking web site. Make sure to list a link to your newsletter on your profile page - that you way you will be able to gain more newsletter subscribers on these social networking web sites.

- Article Marketing. Article marketing is another great way to gain more newsletter subscribers. To use article marketing you need to write articles that your target market is interested in and submit them to article directions.

When you submit articles you will also be able to submit a Resource Box with them. Your Resource Box is a paragraph at the end of your article that tells the reader more about you and links to your web site.

Use your Article Resource Box to let your readers know about your newsletter and how to subscribe to your newsletter.

- Search Engine Optimization. Do you want to get more newsletter subscribers from search engines? To do that, optimize your web pages for search engines. More search engine traffic means more people coming to your web site and you can convert more of them into your newsletter subscribers.

- Blogging. Do you have a blog? Your blog can be a magnet for new newsletter subscribers if you use it properly. To do that, make sure that information about your newsletter is listed prominently on your blog. That way your blog readers will be able to visit your blog and subscribe to your newsletter as well.

- Free Teleseminars. This is a very popular method for building your list. To use free teleseminars to build your list, you will need to find out teleseminar topics that your target market is interested in. Once you find these topics, pick one and offer a free teleseminar as a gift to those who subscribe to your newsletter.

Now, repeat this with other topics that your target market is interested in and you will be able to build your list fast!

As you can see, there are many different methods to build your list. Use at least one of the methods described above and start building your list today!

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