* Have you ever wanted to read your own Tarot Cards but didn’t know how?

* Or wanted to know if you have any natural abilities to be Clairvoyant?

* Or Channel and Communicate with the Angelic Realms and its Hierarchy?

* Or just select the cards and read them for your self,or a friend from the first time.

Than This Book is For You!

This new book provides 3 levels of understanding about the Mysteries of the Tarot World.

* The first level is for those who simply want to know how to read the tarot cards from the first spread, and nothing else.

* The second level is for those who wish to learn to see clairvoyantly, channel and communicate with the Ascended Masters and its Arc Angels.

* And the third level is for those who wish to channel; Past Lives – Present – and Future events from the Akashic Records when you are reading the tarot * What you will read in this book has never been revealed until now!
* For the very first time Spiritual Trade Secrets will be shared with the students of the tarot.

* The Akashic Library also opened its doors like never before, and invite in those who is ready to learn and share it’s ancient secrets.

* This book gives guidance as to how to achieve and earn your “free pass” into the Akashic Library, providing you follow the golden rules of the “Royal Road of the Tarot.“

For more info and order; wwww.akashicrecords-tarot.com

Author's Bio: 

I am a Clairvoyant and Conscious Channel from the Akashic Records. I have descended from a long line of distinguished Clairvoyants of Palm and Tarot card readers.

I began my Soul awakenings and enquiries in the early seventies. And by the early eighties I have began to teach Metaphysical Esoteric Self awareness classes and workshops. On the subjects of; meditation, chakra’s and aura balancing, healing, crystals, basic understandings of astrology, tarot card readings and palm reading work shops.

I have been a professional blue print reader on Palms and Tarot cards at the Mind – Body – Spirit festivals, as well as lecturing and reading at numerous Psychic fairs throughout Australia.

I have discovered that more information was needed urgently regards to how the hierarchy of the spiritual governing hierarchy works, and how to channel from the high realms.
The lack of information of this realm has troubled me for quite some time now. So I believe the right time has presented it self, and allowed me to share my knowledge of the higher realms with those who are ready to learn more about it.

I have writhen a book reasently on this subject, and the title is
“How to Channel from the Akashic Records When you are reading Tarot Cards”. This book offers the guide lines needed , from A-Z information to those who is ready learn this craft.

More information about this book's content and more book reviews, please visit akashicrecords-tarot.com.