How to Choose the Best Neck Pillow for Pain Relief and Sound Sleep
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Do you suffer from chronic neck pain? Stiff neck? Numbness and Tingling in the arms? Do you travel a lot? Are you a petite framed person? Were you recently involved in a whiplash type of accident and have acute neck pain? There are many different kind of neck pillows online and it can be very difficult to choose the perfect one. Here are some important facts to consider when choosing the best pillow for getting a good night's sleep with added benefit of pain relief:

What you Will Need:

  • Decide what you are looking for in a neck pillow
  • look at your x-ray or MRI results

  1. Do you do a lot of traveling?
    If you are one of those people who are putting a lot of miles on a frequent flier program, you may want to consider a travel neck pillow. A travel neck pillow is often U shaped in design. It can used while you are sitting waiting for your airplane, or sitting on the airplane. A good travel neck pillow will allow you to sleep upright without straining your neck to the side or going back wards. When choosing a travel neck pillow consider a pillow that is going to properly support your neck- perhaps made of foam or fiber.
  2. Do you have mild-moderate neck pain and need a support while sleeping?
    There are many cervical pillows online that are perfect for support. Often these pillows will have an indentation in the middle of the neck pillow and wings on the side- allowing you to sleep on your side or on your back. These neck pillows are often referred to as "chiropractic pillows" or "cervical pillows" because they are designed to be a good support for your cervical spine. For a good support neck pillow check out Arc4life's Linear Gravity Neck Pillow. It is a great support neck pillow that comes in 3 sizes- small, medium and large.
  3. Have you been diagnosed with a "military neck" or as having a "loss in cervical lordosis"?
    This is a diagnosis in the neck- what it means is the a cervical spine is straight and not curved in a "c" position like a normal neck curve. This type of diagnosis is often made after viewing a lateral cervical x-ray (A lateral cervical x-ray is an x-ray of the side of your neck). In this ype of case, a traction neck pillow will be a good choice for you. This type of a neck pillow can take a while to get used to but it is great in providing that extra stretch in your neck will give your neck the traction it needs to be in the proper cervical lordosis, thereby giving your neck pain relief. The Cervical traction Neck Pillow is a great traction neck pillow that is Doctor recommended. Many chiropractors will prescribe some form of traction to their patients to get the proper curve back into their cervical spine.
  4. Are you buying a neck pillow based on your frame?
    What is your height? What type of a frame do you have? Are you 4'11 and petite framed individual? Or perhaps you are a 6'2 college football player. Either way, the average medium sized neck pillow is not going to be a good fit for you. There are a variety of wonderful support neck pillows on the market today that come in an array of sizes. The Linear Gravity Neck Pillow is one such neck pillow. This neck pillow comes in 3 sizes- small, medium and large. The small size pillow is perfect for people who are of height 5'0" or less and the large linear gravity is good for people over 6'0. This is a good support pillow that can be used by side and back sleepers.
  5. Are you looking for a particular filling for your neck pillow?
    Are you allergic to fiber or foam? Are you looking for a specific all natural filling? Do you think that the foam temper pedic neck pillows are too hard? Consider getting a neck pillow with a particular type of filling. Buckwheat, Fiber, foam, flax seeds- each of these different fillings has its own benefits. Buckwheat neck pillows have become very popular in recent years. The natural filling of this kind of pillow has some advantages over conventional fiberfill, foam, or feather fillings. The most important quality for the relief of pain is that the material conforms to the exact contours of the head and neck providing support. This means that you have the same amount of support in all areas minimizing the stress on all areas of support. Other filling materials which compress, try to recover their original shape and this puts stress on the muscles of the neck. Other advantages of the buckwheat hull filling are the "cool in the summer, warm in the winter" insulating properties, the ability to adjust the size to your individual needs by removing or adding back filler so the pillow fits you just right.
  6. Are you looking for a neck pillow for headache relief?
    At Arc4life, we oftne get emails from customers who deal with chronic headaches everyday. A neck pillow specially geared for relief of headaches must be one that targets the cervical paraspinal and suboccipital muscles of your neck. Also, if the pillow has an element of cold therapy that will make it ideal for a headache pillow as well. The Headache Ice Pillo can be used to target migraine and tension headaches. It allows you to use medically recommended cold pack for those acute painful conditions or gives your muscles a chance to relax.
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Dr.Gill is a practicing chiropractor in Glastonbury Chiropractor. She helps her patients find the right products for pain relief naturally.